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The #1 App In 2017 For Timing The American Total Solar Eclipse!

In 2017 The mobile phone version of my "talking timer" concept was used for the total solar eclipse that crossed the United States. It helped thousands of people enjoy the eclipse. Some were veteran eclipse chasers and some were first-time observers. The positive feedback from users was heartwarming!

Fred Espenak, "Mr. Eclipse", retired NASA scientist  used my app in 2017 and recommended it as an app to have on his blog about an Eclipse Day Checklist app to have. It's an honor to have Fred use my app.

Rick Fienberg, with the American Astronomical Society and former Editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine used my app in 2017. In a Sky and Telescope article about the eclipse, (paraphrased) he stated that he "would listen to the app with headphones to hear what to shout out to his fellow eclipse watchers he would be guiding." It would "allow him to watch the eclipse, not a clock because of the app's effective use of technology."

Destin Sandlin, of the YouTube channel Smarter Everyday used my app to help him enjoy his first total solar eclipse! He and I did a number of videos about the eclipse, my app, and my eclipse photography techniques.

Brian Lada, an Accuweather meteorologist used my app
to help him time the eclipse and make sure he knew when to look for shadow bands.

SPACE.COM, Review by Elizabeth Howell;  From: 7 of the Best Total Solar Eclipse Apps for Aug. 21.  "This app is perfect for anyone planning to photograph the eclipse or observe it with a telescope, because the app alleviates the need for you to remember things like when to take off your camera's or telescope's solar filters."

631 Positve User Reviews Listed Below
(Google/Apple/Email/YouTube/Astronomy Forum/Facebook)

After the 2017 total solar eclipse my app managed to maintain a User Rating of 4.2 Stars on the Apple Store and a User Rating of 4.38 Stars on the Google Play Store.  I responed to every comment in both stores and across all other social media.  No other eclipse app for 2017 generated this much postive feedback and I was quite gratified!

But being a perfectionist, my goal is to have ALL 5 Star Ratings!  In 2017 my rating average was brought down by three things; complaints about not being able to time a partial eclipse for users who weren't in the path, having difficulties with sound in devices, and various countries charging tax which was added to the sale price of the app.

With the new realease users now can time a partial eclipse and the mode is actually quite sophisticated.  I've added a device sound check screen with test functions to help users set and test the sound in their devices.  I still can't do anything about taxes and charges added to the base purchase price.

Google Play Store 5-Star Reviews

January 29, 2018

346 I think I would have missed the eclipse without this app. I took photos of each phase, which also would have been impossible without the app. It made my experience watching the eclipse totally unforgettable. Easily worth the small price.

January 20, 2018

345 I used this app during"the great American eclipse" and it worked flawlessly. The voice prompts of things to observe made the experience even richer. I hope to catch the next total solar eclipse!

January 10, 2018

344 heard about this through SmarterEveryday. This app was wonderful and I was able to save the data of where I was when we saw the eclipse. I was able to focus on experiencing the eclipse with my family and the timer allowed us to tell our group when the different parts were going to happen. It was a great day and this helped us plan better with a great experience I would like to see an export feature to save the data to a file on my computer because I most likely won't have the same phone the next time I get to see an eclipse

November 15, 2017

343 Best app to get the best experience!

November 2, 2017

342 Mind blowing accuracy just minutes before, during, and after the eclipse.

October 18, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

341 Does the job

340 I found this app a couple days before the Eclipse. I'm glad I ran the demo the night before. As close as I could tell, first contact occurred exactly on time. I was grateful for the voice alerts - I was far too busy taking in the sights to keep track of time.

October 15, 2017

339 This was such a useful app. We had intended to go to Nebraska to see the eclipse but at the last minute chose to head to Wyoming. This app let me know when I was in the path of totality and we had the perfect eclipse experience in Lusk, WY as a result. Hats off to the developer for a fantastic app. I hope you continue to update it for future eclipses.

October 12, 2017

338 I was in an area that had very limited cell coverage ( meaning NO cell coverage) and my phone wasn't catching any GPS. However Solar Eclipse Timer came through like a champ after my phone coughed up my location. I called out times and announcements to all the people nearby. Be sure to also get the companion app for GPS conversion. This will be my app for the 2024 April eclipse. And thanks to Smarter Everyday for the video that led me to this app.

October 5, 2007

337 This wonderful app did exactly what it was supposed to. Had to use my phone to film during part of the eclipse but this thing was simply stellar. Will absolutely use it again in 2024.

September 24, 2017

336 I loved this app, it enabled me to enjoy the eclipse to the fullest. Thank you very much! Question: will the app be updated for other eclipses like the 2020 Chile/Argentina eclipse and the 2024 US eclipse? I hope to use it for those as well!

September 23, 2017

335 Loved this during the eclipse! Others around me didnt have it but could hear the voice instructions so they also benefited. Incredible app!

September 20, 2017

334 It was a privilege using your APP! I used it for pre-planning and scouting locations. And using it during the BIG event was AMAZING! Thank You! I now have the bug for Eclipse chasing.

September 13, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

333 Great app and simple to use. I'm so glad I had this app running on my Bluetooth speaker. Made the most of the 8/21/2017 totality. I highly recommend it. Five stars! Thank you!!

332 I had it playing through a Bluetooth speaker and it walked our party through an incredible first totality...Safely.

September 10, 2017

331 Thank you for a very well made app. It made our eclipse experience so much better. Lots of people gathered around us and one of the memories of the eclipse was that of a little girl jumping excitedly when your app counted down from one minute. The little one thanked me after totality for letting her know when the total eclipse started. I pass on her thanks to you.. Will be looking out for the 2024 version!

September 7, 2017

330 Late to reviewing this, but this made our eclipse viewing so much more exciting and enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Telepun for your work in putting this together, your love of eclipses was inspiring, your interview on SED was very fun to watch, along with educational.

September 6, 2017

329 I was in the path of totality and this Eclipse timer was amazing. It was right on with the times of when everything would happen and it helped us know what was happening and when to take our glasses off and put them back on. Thank you so much to the developers for making an awesome app to make the eclipse viewing even better.

September 3, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

328 Awesome! This was my first time too view totality. With this app, and several practice eclipses, I was able to photograph as well as visualize and enjoy the eclipse. My photos are stunning and will be treasured. Thank you so much I couldn't have done it without you!

September 2, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

327 It was great that it didn't need cell service to work, as my viewing area had no coverage. While the next eclipse in the USA might not be around the corner, it's a solid app. No complaints about it. Great job, worth the price

326 Great app. Did not have to take my eyes off the eclipse and cameras. We were in a small group, everyone loved the verbal prompts.

325 The app worked perfectly! It certainly kept me focused on stages of the eclipse in real time. Otherwise, the kids with me would have missed some really interesting phenomena that occurs during an eclipse. Excellent app!

324 This app was perfect and in the medium sized crowd I was in we would hear the echo of this app from random phones around! I started recording video near totality with my phone but still got notifications on my smartwatch. I hate to uninstall, but it's not like I'll need it for a long time. This app helped prepare for experiencing and photographing the eclipse like no other. Could you make a lunar eclipse app too?

323 Did just want it said it should. The voice prompts allowed me to keep focused on the important item... The eclipse!

September 1, 2017

322 Worked very well. Thanks to the app I didn't miss a thing.

August 31, 2017

321 Thank you for the fantastic app. It was a great companion to experiencing totality.

August 30, 2017

320 Easy to use, does what it says, accurate and reliable. Will look for it in 2024.

August 29, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

319 Worked flawlessly

318 This app worked perfectly! I actually proposed to my girlfriend (now fiance) at the exact moment of the Diamond Ring phase, and I was able to time it down to second using this. Thank you for helping make the moment perfect.

317 This app made viewing Eclipse 2017 a dream! Accurate and the talking kept us focused.

316 Improved eclipse viewing experience. Thanks. Don't recall being reminded to view stars and planets during totality. That would be a nice improvement.

315 Simple and flawless app

August 28, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

314 Can't wait to use this app. I'll be taking care of my 2 year old son at the time, so anything to help keep track of events is going to be well worth it, and the audio cues sold me on this for that reason. (Smarter Every Day brought me here. Thanks Destin!!)

313 It was a wonderful app and it helped us decide on a place for viewing. All we had to do was keep driving into the totality path until the app said we had about 2 minutes of totality. It was. The timer was very accurate too. The margin of error was just a couple of seconds

August 27, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

312 Amazing! I can see why people travel the world chasing Total eclipses! Being able to observe the many phenomena (awesome shadow bands, Bailey's beads and diamond rings... didn't know about crescent shadows from the app... my only suggestion) around the total eclipse, as well as GORGEOUS totality, because of THIS app was incredible. Thank you for making it possible for me and my family! (And thank you to Smarter Every Day who made us aware of your app and inspired us to watch the eclipse!) Can't wait for 2024. Absolutely worth getting to the path of totality...can't believe we lived in it for this one - I might not have made a big deal out of it and thought 99% of totality was close enough... Nope. This app makes the experience calm and easy and beautiful!! Thank you!

311 That was very helpful to have audible reminders so we could enjoy the sights more. Thanks for the nice app. Very informative, too.

310 This app was very useful during the eclipse! Not only did it calculate the exact time of the phases of the eclipse for my phone's location, but made a really cool MC for everyone around my phone during the eclipse. Even with the app running, I had no difficulty using my phone to take photos of the spectacular event!

309 Good app

308 Great app, helped make the eclipse viewing experience very enjoyable. Was well worth the money.

307 Worked as advertised, though would have preferred to have a way to load the times on to the main screen if you couldn't make it to the party for stalled traffic due to accident?

306 This solar eclipse app is awesome. For the Great American Eclipse in August 2017, the GPS and timing worked perfectly! Just wish the weather did too!

305 Worked beautifully. We were between the points of greatest eclipse and greatest duration. This was extremely helpful for giving our family advanced and accurate information, based on our exact location. Great investment! Hope you continue to make more.

304 Worked very well. Timing was accurate to within 5 seconds for out loaction.

303 Perfect!

302 Worked great

August 26, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

301 Worked perfectly, thanks for creating. Learned about your app from Smarter Everyday youtube channel

300 A perfect app. We used it to practice timing with our staff prior to the eclipse and to direct the activities for our 100+ attendee program at our public library on eclipse day. Absolutely worth 100x the $2 expense from the Play store. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

299 We had so much fun using this app! Like everyone else, we found the audio cues to be amazing, but the partial phase image times kept us from getting bored in the hour and a half leading up to totality. We were constantly counting down for our group photographer based on that schedule provided. None of us will ever be able to remember this eclipse without thinking "glasses off!" or "glasses on." I wish every app were this functional and flawless and only regret I'll be unlikely to have an opportunity to use it again. Thank you so much for making experience so special!

298 This app was PERFECT!!! Loved ut for 2017 US totality!

297 I loved this app! Besides the fact that the timer was correct, it just sounds awesome! I'm thinking of making the voice and "buzzer" my ring tone to remind me of the eclipse.

296 One of the most useful and helpful apps I've ever bought. I am not an astronomy expert and didn't even know what to look for during eclipse. It was so wonderful to have the app talking to me. I piped it into my car speakers and everyone around us enjoyed the doctor's voice. The countdowns were thrilling! I had little kids with me and was relieved to have 10 second warning, so I could make sure they all had their glasses back on in time. Just as the app told us to observe wildlife, we heard owls hooting and a raccoon run across the street. I did not even know what shadow bands were before I saw his Smarter Everyday video. Thank you for suggesting we set up white sheets. We saw the shadow bands. I repeat, WE SAW SHADOW BANDS! I would have missed them entirely without your help. NOTE: shadowbands showed up early, maybe 8-10 seconds before the app announced--should we alert NASA??Thank you, again! It was the experience of a lifetime.

295 Best thing I had at the eclipse besides a camera. Excellent tool. Indispensable.

August 25, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

294 Best thing I had at the eclipse besides a camera. Excellent tool. Indispensable.

293 Amazing app so worth the money as it made our Eclipse viewing so much better. The audible cues were spot on and it was cool not having to keep the app open all the time.. It just spoke to us when we needed to observe the temperature, shadow bands, totality, use safety glasses, everything. I am well pleased and hopefully this developer has an app available for the next Eclipse also.

292 Great app. Worked perfectly. Getting ready for April 8th 2024 and hopefully this app will still be around then.

291 Worked flawlessly for the eclipse.

290 Worked like a charm! I ran the test from several locations, and it changed times, etc., based on the different calculations. Will the app be updated for the next U.S. total eclipse?

289 This app was the best $1.99 I ever spent. Worked perfectly on eclipse day, and the verbal prompting reminded me and the people around me to watch for shadow bands, the 360 sunrise and other eclipse events. All of which we saw thanks to this app! Great job!

288 Did exactly what it advertised. Impressed with the accuracy as it was right to the second. It was also nice to fund a small time app developer and not an app factory. Edit to give a shout out to Destin of Smarter Every Day on YouTube for turning me on to this app.

287 It worked perfectly. I hope lots of people used it. Thank you for all your hard work.

286 Congratulations on such a precise and useful tool. Your app made all the difference in helping me photograph the eclipse. And a personal thanks for convincing me it was a necessity to "get to the Zone." Friends who stayed in Boise, even at 99.5% totality, did not have the incomparable experience of a total eclipse. In many of the online videos of the eclipse I can hear your app in the audio in the background. I hope app sales made you rich... You deserve it!

285 Worked perfectly for the 2017 total solar eclipse in McCall Idaho. Enabled me to enjoy all aspects of the eclipse and photograph totality!

284 Entirely was worth the $1.99 for me. Once you have it locate you via the coordinates, it tells you whether you are in the area of totality and gives you the advanced warnings and notifications as all the key moments (c1, c2, c3, and c4) happened. Was great to have notifications, including a countdown, prior to totality so we would know precisely when to expect it (and yell for others to come out and watch!). I hope this app is updated to accommodate future eclipses, but even if I had to pay $1.99 again, I would do it to have all the info and timer/countdown info that it provided.

283 This app got the time perfect.

August 24, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

282 Did exactly what it said it would do. It was really nice to have those cues. My family drove up to McMinnville TN and it was spot on. Thank you for making it.

281 Was awesome in path of totality! Very accurate and helped enhance our experience! Talking prompts were very helpful as we didnt want to be looking at our phones during the event! So fun! Thank you!

280 This app was perfect for viewing the 2017 Eclipse. It audibly told us what to expect and when based on our gps location. We had a huge group and they could hear it on my phone and we joked that it 'was the voice if God".

279 Worked great and very accurate. Well worth the price. Can't wait till 2024!

278 Loved it, I used it the day of the eclipse. We were in the path of the totality, and it was great having the audio input. Could you update for 2024?

277 Amazing accuracy! I got a video of everything and you can hear the app calling the shots in the background right on the mark.

276 Such a fantastic app! This is one of the only apps I have ever paid for and it was well worth it. GPS coordinates synched up perfectly and the timing was spot on! It was nice to be able to run the practice the day before so I could get the timing right on switching out the lens on my camera. I also really enjoyed the on screen showing of a prior eclipse to know what I was looking out for. The developer obviously really cares about this app and has fantastic information. My only wish is that more of the events were called out, rather than just saying to open the app. I was very appreciative of the reminder to take off/put on eye protection. 2 minutes when by way too fast, I surely wouldn't have been prepared without it. Anyone planning to view a total eclipse would benefit greatly from this app!

275 If I could have given this 25 stars I would have.

274 Great. So nice to have on the eclipse day. Will purchase again if need be for 2024!

273 Performed perfectly for us near Columbia, SC. Prompts helped to keep me focused and ready for the next step. Even though I had practiced on both full moons and sun several times, I fumbled the transition from partial to total and missed catching Baily's beads. But I was able to recover a few seconds later and got just about everything I wanted to. Thanks to Foxwood for the most practical app I have on my Android phone!

272 Said what it does and did what it said!

271 This saved my bacon. It did exactly what it was supposed to do and was accurate. Bravo!

270 Thank you for taking the time to create this app. It was very helpful during the solar eclipse 2017. I found out about your app from Smarter Every Day.

269 Made for a great eclipse viewing experience

268 Used the app during the eclipse and was happily surprised at how well it worked. Very nice all around.

267 This app made photographing the eclipse easy and seamless. I got to set it and forget it, and the voice alerts told me when to put my filter back on, preventing damage to my photography equipment and helping me alert the people I was with to phenomena that was happening. I can't wait to use this app the next time!

266 This app worked pretty well. The time was off by about 5 seconds, but I want trying to take pictures or anything, so it worked well for my purposes. Thank you for making this available to everyone, and for such a low price!

265 Great app, worked exactly as advertised! I'm ready for the next eclipse in 2024!

264 Worked great for me the day of the eclipse. I had my pre-school age kids with me, and this app helped me make sure they were not looking at the sun at the end of totality.

August 23, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

263 The app worked perfectly. Your audio provided a great countdown in my video. THANK YOU.

262 Thank you a hundred times. I shared this app from a large speaker to everyone around me in Glendo Wyoming. This made a once in a lifetime experience that much better.

261 This add really enhanced the experience. I wasn't sure it would work but it was spot on!

260 Used this app during the Total Solar Eclipse on 21st Aug '17. It worked flawlessly to find out the locations for totality, and precisely pointing out times when to wear protective glasses and all of the phases. Great job. You made our viewing experience amazing! Thank you.

259 Great!!! Found the app through Smarter Everyday.

258 Worked absolutely flawlessly. Duration at my spot in Torrington, Wyoming was 2 minutes and 2 seconds, and the app was dead accurate. I certainly hope you update this app for future eclipses, including those outside of the US.

257 Awesome app. Timer was correct down to the second per my GPS location. I'm glad I had it. Totality went by so fast that I would have been lost without the verbal warnings from the app. It certainly made my first eclipse more enjoyable

256 This app performed flawlessly! It told us to the second, when the eclipse would begin, reach totality, come out of totality and end. It enhanced our families viewing of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

255 This app did exactly what it advertised. My hat is off to the developer. I stumbled across this app while researching information on the eclipse, and it was interesting to discover that this app originally was designed and ran on a old PDA! On the day of the eclipse, the call outs were spot on...I did not need to adjust the app timer at all. All the times listed with the various pictures of the phases allowed me to capture photos of the progression. Again, this app delivered everything it promised....and more, because it became part of the total experience!

254 This was one of the most useful tools on eclipse day! Accurate as all get out, and the simple alert calls were great for the crowd around me to stay informed as well. Fingers crossed you'll push out updates for future eclipses.

253 Thank you for offering this app!! It was awesome for following the phases of the eclipse. Thank you!!

252 This app is amazing for total eclipses!

251 This is the app for the eclipse. Find the video on you tube, smarter every day channel to see what it's about. Basically, get to the totality zone, and run the app. It will use the GPS in your phone or tablet to get your exact location. Then it will calculate the exact times for events that you will want to see. Then, it will give you voice prompts, so you don't have to watch the phone, but instead can enjoy the eclipse. Totally worth paying for. EDIT - I'm adding this for after the 2017 eclipse. The timer worked perfectly. Before the eclipse I set demo times and learned what to expect from it. On the day of the eclipse I set it up with my GPS location, and put my phone back on my belt. I had blue tooth ear buds connected to the phone and was able to hear all of the prompts but never had to look at my phone. I also recorded video of the concrete walkway and the horizon during totality, and continued to hear prompts in my headset while recording video. I used the voice prompts and repeated count down times to my group. The timings were perfect. We all put our glasses on and the sun popped out right on schedule. Thank you for working so hard to make the app work perfectly.

250 This took all the guesswork out of viewing the eclipse! The voice feature meant we could just view without having to look at the app all the time. Although it was obvious when totality started, it announced the exact second when we could take our eclipse glasses off to view the wonder, and (more importantly) when to put the glasses back on when totality ended. Can hardly wait for the next eclipse to use it again!

249 Math was accurate, calculations were accurate, and preemptive timers with voice were phenomenal

248 Wonderfully useful for an amateur astronomy buff. I downloaded the companion app as well if I needed Long/Lat conversion. I'd like to see that feature incorporated into next version of main program. The audible cues were accurate down to the second. My kids got ridiculously excited when an alarm chimed with new suggestion. We looked for Shadow Bands. Saw none. We did see the crescent shaped shadows on our shelter from dappled sunlight shining through a tree. I don't recall hearing a cue about that. I might've missed it. If it doesn't exist in the current build, maybe add it? Totally worth the $2. Looking forward to 2024 edition.

247 Amazing app so worth the money as it made our Eclipse viewing so much better. The audible cues were spot on and it was cool not having to keen the app open all the time.. It just spoke to us when we needed to observe the temperature, shadow bands, totally, use safety glasses, everything. I am well pleased and hopefully this developer has an app available for the next Eclipse also.

246 Worked absolutely perfectly! Timing was down to the second, thank you so much for making this app!

245 Fantastic app! Thank you for sharing your experience with solar eclipses and for creating this app. I was in a large parking lot, and I could hear your count down timer from other users! It really helped our group, so I know it must have helped others. Thank you again!

244 Was very helpful during the 2017 American eclipse

243 Travelled to Hopkinsville Kentucky from Ontario. This app worked flawlessly for me! I loved how there were reminders spoken out loud. Also like the notification alarm for totality.

242 This app was PERFECT for watching the 2017 total solar eclipse. It counted down to totality (with audible messages), then announced totality so we could look up, announced maximum eclipse, counted down to the end so we could be ready with our glasses, and then announced the end of totality. And it was spot on -- the timing was exactly right with my GPS location. THANK YOU! This made watching the eclipse even more amazing.

241 We enjoyed having this going during the eclipse.

240 Amazing app, worked flawlessly, helps you stay on track during an eclipse, helps to remind you to look around and witness things you may not have noticed or forgot about in the heat of the moment.

239 We had a lot of cloud cover so I had to enter the GPS coordinates manually, but this app worked perfectly! Down to the second accuracy!

238 The accuracy of this app was spot-on and help to enhance our family's first eclipse experience.

237 This app worked great. It was very helpful to have the audio cues during the eclipse. It was very precise with C1 and C2, however C3 was off by a couple of seconds. We were traveling by the time C4 occurred as a result I do not know how precise the timing with C4 was. Very much worth the money spent.

August 22, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

236 Destin@SED said this is the app to have, so this is the app I bought. update: 8/22/17: This app made the Eclipse so enjoyable. I found the perfect spot on top of a hill, surrounded by light-colored gravel inside the totality. We experienced everything! Totality, Shadow Bands, etc; as the app talked to us, it was all happening right on queue. This app is the single best thing I've purchased. Ever.

235 Great app! It was very helpful during the eclipse. I am very happy that I found out about this app on Smarter Everyday. Thanks for all your efforts.

234 This app was absolutely amazing! It made the entire experience so much better. My watch group was more excited and we were all watching and listening for what to look for next. It was totally cool. So worth it. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that went into creating this. We all really appreciated it!

233 I'd like to thank the developers of this app for enhancing my family's Eclipse viewing experience. I do however have a couple of suggestions. For one thing, it was too conservative on the timing to put your glasses back on after totality. We could have viewed the total eclipse for about another five seconds, which is a pretty big deal. And I suggest losing the horn sound at the end of the countdown. How about just "totality in 3-2-1" and then silence. Totality is dramatic enough it doesn't need a horn sound.

232 Thanks, I found a great spot 30 miles east of alliance nebraska. Your app help me find the 2:30 minute location. When will 2024 app be ready. I'm planning.

231 One of the most useful and helpful apps I've ever bought. I am not an astronomy expert and didn't even know what to look for during eclipse. It was so wonderful to have the app talking to me. I piped it into my car speakers and everyone around us enjoyed the doctor's voice. The countdowns were thrilling! I had little kids with me and was relieved to have 10 second warning, so I could make sure they all had their glasses back on in time. Just as the app told us to observe wildlife, we heard owls hooting and a raccoon run across the street. I did not even know what shadow bands were before I saw his Smarter Everyday video. Thank you for suggesting we set up white sheets. We saw the shadow bands. I repeat, WE SAW SHADOW BANDS! I would have missed them entirely without your help. NOW: shadowbands showed up early, maybe 8-10 seconds before the app announced--should we alert NASA??Thank you, again! It was the experience of a lifetime.

230 Thanks for the app! It helped keep the group focused during the frantic totality period!

229 This app performed beautifully and perfectly during the 08/21/2017 eclipse! In my opinion, this tool is essential in solar eclipse viewing by assisting the user in experiencing everything possible in the short time you have when the eclipse occurs.

228 This app was great for the eclipse. Glad I saw it on SED. The countdowns and loud horns really punctuated totality nicely and the prompts helped us remember to look for things. The only problem I see with the app is the lack of volume control. I manually went into my settings to make sure the media volume was maxed, but unplugging the speaker lowered the volume again. Isn't there's a setting devs can use to make the rocker control the media volume the entire time the app is open? At least having that behavior as an option would be great in case you need to quickly turn it up.

227 This app is fantastic! We viewed the total eclipse near Grand Island, NE. We used the app to pinpoint the center line and found a great spot only 1.1 miles away from it. We also used the app the day before to scout locations for maximum totality time. Once we settled into our perfect spot, the app called out all the important events right on queue and gave us enough warning to be ready for each event. We saw the diamond rings, Baily's beads, striking shadow bands and all 2 min and 35 seconds of absolutely incredible totality. After the event, we pulled up the latitude and longitude the app gave us in google maps and our spot matched up perfectly with the map location. I hope the app creator adds in the 2024 eclipse data to it because I plan on using this app for that one too. Thanks!

226 Talked me through the eclipse. It was really worth it.

225 It was great for being so informative! Thank you for all the heads up!!

223 Totality Amazing! This app made watching the eclipse so enjoyable. Vocal cues to all of the eclipse events were perfectly synched... to the second! Thank you for making this app. I'm an eclipse junkie now

222 This was perfect for the eclipse. It made the experience so much better just being able to listen to the voice updates. Well done.

221 Was spot on accurate. Reminded me to look for phenomenon that I wouldn't have thought about in the moment.

220 This app is amazing. It made viewing the eclipse 100 times better. Thanks to the creator and thanks to smarter every day for bringing me here

219 Worked perfectly for our viewing in Columbia, SC! The cues (both on-screen and audible) were extremely helpful, and helped us to not miss anything during this rare experience. We were even able to see the shadow bands, which I'm sure we would have missed if we hadn't been looking hard for them! I'm so glad I heard about this app and tried it out. Thank you for making such a helpful app!

218 Awesome to have during the eclipse, the announcements were great and accurate to the second. Thanks for making it!

217 Great app, hope it gets updated for future eclipses.

216 Loved this app! Literally had to pusg only about two or three buttons to set it up. I read all the instructions and help and fiddled with everything else anyway, lol. Very simple and extremely accurate. Worked perfectly for me.

215 Worked perfectly for the eclipse in Princeton, KY. THANK YOU!

214 The total solar eclipse was the most awe inspiring event I have ever witnessed! We watched from our backyard in South Carolina and were super blessed to have clear, blue skies. The app worked perfectly and the eclipse times were dead on. This was the first eclipse we have ever seen. Even though I had done my research, once totality hit, all of that info went right out the window because we were too excited to think about anything else. Having the app tell us what to watch out for and remind us of the times was extremely helpful. Thanks, y'all, for developing this amazing app!

213 Bought this for the 8/21 eclipse. I set it up with my location, and it worked perfectly. Vocal alerts told me when to expect different contact points and what to look for in my surroundings. Hope I get to use this again in 2024!

212 This app was amazing to use during the August 2017 eclipse. Lightweight and 100% accurate. This app significantly enhanced our eclipse viewing experience!

211 Worked great on eclipse day. Worth the price. Contact times were accurate. No retina damage. UI could use a little organizing. Also would be nice if it told you how far away you are from totality. Hope I get to use it again in 2024!

210 If you're going to be in totality, this is what you want. You will have the times for various phases of the eclipse, and audible cues to keep you on track in the mesmerizing time that it will be. If you're debating if it's worth spending $1.99 on this, ask yourself - if I miss the shadow bands, or mistime something, or lose out on dark vision because I looked at a bright screen to check the time, would I spend $2 to get that experience back? This app is made with focus, attention to detail, and the desire to help you fully experience this event. You. Want. This. App. Update post-eclipse: This app worked just as expected during the actual eclipse (even had people camping nearby using the same app and ours were perfectly in sync!), calling out the phases with the right amount of warning and helping us actually see shadow bands!!! Thank you so so much for the time and effort and the exceptionally high quality app. Question though, will this be updated for the 2024 eclipse?

209 Perfect for announcements.

208 This app did a perfect job during the 2017 solar eclipse. It kept us right on time and helped us watch for all the different phenomena.

207 Awesome Eclipse... Awesome timer.

206 Was so great to have this to keep track of everything during the total eclipse!

205 Worked exactly as I expected! Even worked when I was filming with the phone

204 Great little app, used it's GPS location and eclipse clock to determine exactly when to observe each event. While I did not utilize the signature feature, the voice narrator, It was an invaluable tool in planning and significantly improved the overall experience as We viewed the total eclipse in at Glendo Park in Wyoming yesterday. Yes, we saw the total eclipse within one second of the apps prediction for our exact location, on a lakefront beach somewhere in Wyoming. We observed the entire event from first shadow at C1 to the diamond ring effect just before C2, a 360 degree orange sunset at midpoint, the Corona was spectacular! But most amazing was the shadow-bands moving all across the beach! Twice! We were able to experience everything as close to textbook as anyone could have expected. What a great App!

203 Awesome app... Thanks!

202 Timing was late by maybe 1 second on 2nd and 3rd contact. More than met my expectations. I watched the eclipse with a group of people and this app let us all know when to look for events. Having the app enhanced our eclipse experience

201 Worked great!

200 It worked perfectly! Looking forward to using it for 2024 eclipse. Thanks!

199 Best $2 investment ever. Thanks for this fantastic app. We would have never looked down for the shadow bands if it wasn't for this voice speaking app.

198 Great app, eclipse was perfectly timed down to the tenth of a second. Allowed me to keep focus on the photography and event without having to keep checking my phone for times. Thanks!

197 This was absolutely fantastic! I used it while I watched the eclipse in Wyoming, and it worked flawlessly! It hugely enhanced the viewing experience! Best $2 I ever spent!!!

196 This app performed flawlessly, and was dead simple. It made all the difference having a guide to make sure you saw as much as possible. Thank you so much for making this. Now that the creator is fabulously wealthy on top of being wicked smart, and devilishly handsome, I suspect he will soon rule us all.

195 Thanks so much for this! The best $2 I've ever spent. Made our eclipse viewing and photography so much more enjoyable. Amazing app.

194 You are a hero. Over ten thousand downloads, each one probably representing a family of people who got to see their first eclipse, and this perfected the experience

193 This app was so great for the eclipse! The UI of the app isn't great and I found setup rather confusing. However, the talking notifications really helped. Thanks!

192 Excellent app. Helped us stay focused on watching the eclipse.

191 Wonderful - thank you Foxwood Astronomy

190 Awesome app! This app really enhanced my enjoyment of the eclipse and the talking notifications meant that my family could hear what was going to happen next and what phenomena to watch for. I wasn't able to load my position via the GPS, and it wouldn't let me type it in manually either. Probably just a bug. I finally was able to copy the coordinates and paste them into the lat and lon fields. I would have also liked reminders for Bailey's Beads and the diamond ring. Overall: AWESOME!!!

189 Worked better than I expected! Made the eclipse stress free. I loved it!

188 Thank you. I really loved this simple app, it helped me and everyone near to hear when to remove and put back the glasses. Totally worth it.

187 This app was perfectly spot on with the timing, especially with the kids, it allowed me to watch the kids while they enjoyed the event, and insured that I didn't miss the spectacular moments. I will definitely use this app on the next eclipse. Great job development crew! Smarter every day brought me here btw.

186 Performed excellent for the eclipse! The audible features really make the app useful. Hope it will still work for the 2024 eclipse as well.

185 Made me look knowledgeable during the eclipse. Worked flawlessly.

184 Would've missed eclipse driving all the way to a town for totality but refreshing the app, we found out as soon as we were in path of totality

183 This app allowed me to enrich the experience with my students.

182 **Update This app performed flawlessly for me. I could not believe how accurate it was. The verbal alerts were great. Thank you once again! This is going to be awesome for the big event. The tutorials are very helpful.

181 I give it 5 stars for being great where it counted (accurate timings, announcing at changes) but there is not an intuitive way to test. Any day that you check your position it just keeps giving the announcements.

180 I couldn't have done it without you, worked like a charm!!

179 This app was so useful! Looking forward to 2024!

178 Worked like a dream.

177 Accurate to the second with useful voice prompts. Probably wouldn't have noticed the shadow bands if I hadn't heard the prompt.

176 Thank you for making this app, it was very helpful to keep us informed during the eclipse. I saw you on the YouTube video with "smarter every day"

175 Amazing app! I'm teaching my high school's first Astronomy class in a decade, and I couldn't be more excited for my students to be able to see this ecipse only days into the school year! This timing app is going to be an invaluable tool for the event -- thank you so much for making this app and sharing your experience to enhance our own! edit (additional): Eclipse day went wonderfully! We made pinhole viewers and boxes for the rest of the school, and many joined us during the afternoon. It was the first solar eclipse that many had seen, and I encouraged them to avoid trying to take pictures and simply enjoy the experience. Everyone loved it!

174 Awesome app! Thank you so much for developing this app. It was perfect to step you through the whole eclipse process!

173 Thank you! We drove down to Carlisle, SC, and this app's timings were accurate to the second. My 8 year old son had been dying to see shadow bands, and thanks to your help he got to! Thank you. A couple wish list items for the next eclipse: 1) add option to display times in 12 hr format, 2) keep the screen from falling asleep, 3) if you're driving to totality audibly announce when you've entered the totality plane, 4) and follow Google's "Material Design" guidelines to achieve a cleaner and easier to use user interface.

172 The eclipse experience wouldn't have been the same without this app

171 5000 stars. Made sure we kept our eyes safe without looking away a second early. Reminded us to look around at the other things, like temperature. Excellent! Thank you for this design and thank you to forgotten person who interviewed you and alerted me of its existence.

170 Did exactly as expected! Have all details at the exact times. Glad I heard about it from Smarter Every Day on YouTube! Now I see why you travel to see these!

169 Spectacular usability. During the Eclipse the voiced timing messages were invaluable. I was able to concentrate on the visual without worrying looking at a timer or clock

168 It is totally worth the price

167 Amazingly precise application. You've done your work. The audio cues sounded like a lame feature at first but made the experience great for me and those around me. Everyone loved it and I will use whatever version exists in 2024.

166 We used this to get in the path of totality, then my son played this and it reminded us to look for shadow bands etc all at the right times. The eclipse was AWESOME, and the app helped

165 Made a memorable and fantastic eclipse even better. By taking over the timing responsibility, we could sit back and enjoy the show. Because we didn't know where we'd end up, even the night before, having the app detect and calculate the times was great.

164 Thank you for sharing your passion with the world and making this app available. Thanks also to Destin from SmarterEveryday for publicizing the interview regarding the eclipse and app! The eclipse was overwhelmingly beautiful and unforgettable. The interview helped us know exactly what to look, the app told us when to look for it - on the second! Thanks again!

163 Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I didn't miss a moment. The whole family was prepared. Worked flawlessly (though layout is a little weird). Got fantastic pictures today at Christian Way Farm, KY. I'd give it 1000 stars too!

162 Thank you Alabama man, also thank you Destin from SmarterEveryDay

161 Worked perfectly! It worked in the background so I could still use my camera during the eclipse and hear the up coming stages. I would highly recommend it!

160 This app is nothing short of amazing. Thanks to this app I knew, right down to the second, how much time I had to get the photos I needed to preserve this moment. Thanks to this app, I got my diamond ring shot. I loved how it speaks to you and tells you what specific things to look for that are going on around you. It's incredibly accurate. It's hands down one of the best apps I have ever used!

159 Worked perfectly today for a total solar eclipse

158 This app is amazing and really made our eclipse experience that much better. This is really nitpicky but one thing I think could be improved is adding a countdown clock to each contact time, or at least to totality. Having the exact time listed is nice but having a visual countdown would make reading the app at a glance a bit smoother. This is already there during totallity, which was awesome. Also, and this may be tricky to implement, but a real-time partiality percentage would be an awesome feature. Nitpicking aside, this app is amazing and is an invaluable guide to an eclipse; we would have missed so much without it. The times it are literally accurate within 1 second if you have your location set properly and whatnot. The reminders to observe things like changes in ambient temperature, lighting, and animal behavior really made us feel like eclipse experts who know what to look for and don't miss a thing. The only thing we did miss was the diamond ring thing, I thought we'd see it right at c3 (end of totallity) but apparently not. Best $2 I've spent in a long time; I may never get another use out of it but it was totally worth it!

August 21, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

157 Pretty much made the 2017 eclipse spectacular for our family. Without it would have been hard to coordinate everything involved with small kids and glasses. Timing was impecabul. Seriously worth every penny I spent. THANK YOU!

156 Great partner for our journey to the center of the totality. Thanks for being our guide. We had 2:39 of awesome in Andrews, NC today.

155 Worked perfectly. Played it on a blue tooth speaker so everyone at the Silverton Oregon event could hear it. Saw the shadow bands! So fun!

153 The voice prompts for this app helped tremendously while I was making sure my family was on time for viewing the event... As well as helping me manage my 18 month old daughter during the event. I didn't have to look away to my phone to know what was going on. It worked perfectly.

152 Worked like a charm! Count downs were down to the millisecond in accuracy!

151 Thank you for this app! It worked perfectly and guided us through the stages of the eclipse today. We knew just when to take off and put on our glasses and not miss a thing.

150 The app worked perfectly. The graphics and user interface needs improvement, but it worked 100% once I was able to figure out how to load the location and times. The best part was that it operated independently of any cellular signal.

149 Worked great today thanks, loved the count down.

148 Awesome! Worked great in a remote location in Idaho. Loved that it could calculate times and provide info without internet connection.

147 Thank you so much for the insightful experience this app provides.

146 Absolutely indispensable. I used this app for the eclipse today in Oregon, and it was able to help me find the best spot within the path of totality as well as notify me whenever an event was occurring during the eclipse. I could not have done without it.

145 Accurate down to the second. Such an awesome app. Really made the experience.

144 This was an amazing tool, well worth the small cost to purchase. Once the GPS coordinates were calibrated, it provided a simple set of audio cues which I found to be accurate to the second. It made the eclipse experience much easier to enjoy!

143 It worked well for calculating the contact times. Minor improvements would be a view where it counts down to the contact times, as well as improving the contact images with the correct direction that the moon will cover the sun.

142 Worked perfectly and helped make our eclipse experience unforgettable. Thank you for putting in the work you did to make this app!

141 It worked perfectly for me, an amazing tool... Thank you

140 No, this app isn't as slick as a lot of modern apps are, but it made our eclipse experience SO much better than it would have been without it. It literally talked us through each segment of the eclipse. It was great to have the audible cues so we could focus on observing the various eclipse events instead of looking at an app or other reference material. Thanks so much for making this available to the public!

139 This was amazing. It helped us and the small group we were with know exactly when to look for the different occurrences. The timing was ridiculously accurate, we loved it. Easily the best $2 I've spent, made watching this spectacular event easier and more enjoyable. Thank you so much!

138 Spectacular! A full dress rehearsal the day before and 5 totality runs helped me work out potentially catastrophic bugs from a tightly choreographed plan. Eclipse day was smooth, without a hitch. Thanks again.

137 This is the best! Worked so well. Was right on the dot with what was happening.

136 Perfect for the Eclipse today! The voice notifications were great, fantastic safety reminders, and everyone around me could hear it too. I hope it is still around in 2024 when the next eclipse rolls through the US. The only improvement I would suggest is maybe being able to click on the contact point for more info (such as it being the "diamond ring"). I never saw much in the Eclipse data page either... but I didn't spend much time there.

135 Used it in Fairmont, NE for the total eclipse today. Really liked how it wasn't dependant on cell service. I was taking video during the event and it talked me thru the stages. Very well done!

134 Awesome app! Talks you through and tells you when things are about to happen without having to look at your phone or even have the screen on. Hopefully I'll get to use it again!

133 It worked flawlessly. I loved having the audio reminders. Looking forward to using it in 2024.

132 Great app. I fiddled with it the day before because I didn't want to be messing with it on the 21st. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, tell me when to look for eclipse phases and other cool things.

131 Great app! This definitely helped us enjoy the great American eclipse!

130 This app was everything I needed to be able to focus completely on the eclipse and not worry about timing. Thank you so much for making my experience so much better.

129 I'd give it 1,000 stars if I could. I really wanted to thank you for making this amazing product! We happened to get stuck in an area with no cell service. The app told us everything we needed to know instantly. No need for guessing where we needed to be. All actuate down to the very second. We ended up avoiding nearly all traffic while still getting a great show. Priceless moment. Thanks!

128 PERFECT! Watched the 8/21/17 eclipse today right in the center of the path of totallity in Turner, OR. 2:01 totality! I thought the voice prompts would be dumb, but it just goes to show what I know. They were AWESOME! We were all so excited to see the total eclipse with our eyes that we weren't able to really fidget with our phones. The voice prompts calling out "glasses on" and "glasses off" were a great reminder to us while our jaws were hanging open.

127 This took my eclipse viewing experience to the next level. Saw th shadow bands and all the other partial phase phenomenon. Going to be great when the next one comes.

126 This was very precise. It gave the exact point of totality for my location and counted down to the millisecond. Well done!

125 Worth more than the price! I bought this after recommendation from Destin at Smarter Every Day on YouTube. The most notable thing was the shift to C3. At the exact moment the countdown got to Zero, the totality ended. So precise, I was speechless. Great job to all involved.

124 I used the app in totality in Sweetwater, TN. The times and countdown was absolutely precise. I was not expecting a verbal countdown, but when the countdown occurred, everyone heard. People started gathering around. I am so glad that I seen the YouTube video, and then decided to make the purchase. Thank you for an app that made viewing the eclipse that much more enjoyable.

123 Excellent app! Functioned perfectly and clearly and made watching the eclipse a breeze. Well done, and thank you!!

122 Wonderful experience enhanced with this awesome app!

121 Made watching the eclipse so much safer! Great job making this app! Thanks to the author.

120 Absolutely a must have for watching the eclipse. Times were spot on where we we watching in Silverton, OR.

119 Thank you, this tool gave me an amazing experience. Hope to use it during the 2024 eclipse as well. App it built well. Sad people didn't take the time to calculate their contact times to make the app work for them. The app does all the work for you, you just have to actually do the preparation part of it. Expecting one click to make it work, it wasn't built to work in just one specific spot. Sorry you got to tell it where you are first.

118 Thank You! Your audio reminders were great and our experience today would not have been the same without this app!

117 Once the GPS was set this app worked like a charm! I hope this works for other eclipses I going to see!

116 I hardly ever purchase apps. But I'm so glad we did. We loved the voice timing and prompts as it guides you for things to look for. Thanks for making this app for all of us novice astronomers! Spot on

115 I finally decided to buy this app after 2 days of arguing with myself over it. It probably would have been an awesome tool, had it not started pouring down rain 6 minutes before 1st contact and every minute after. :( it is more thought out than my plan to purchase and use it.

114 Dr. Telpun, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this phenomenal tool. It would be an amazing deal at 5 times the price. My childrens screams of glee at totality is in large part due to your informative and convient app. Im looking forward to evangelizing it's use in 2024.

113 Amazing! Used this for the 8/21/2017 eclipse and it worked flawlessly. Perfectly on time and the voice guidance was great. Really a must have if you are going to watch an eclipse for the first time or at all.

112 Fantastic job! Thanks for helping complete our experience.

111 I watched the eclipse with my seven-year-old and we were right dead center in the path of totality. I can't express my appreciation for how amazing it was to just be present for this eclipse and be able to fully enjoy it without worry, the app talked us through everything and we even were able to enhance another person's Eclipse experience with all the information the ap provides. Huge thanks to Foxwood astronomy for designing this app and huge thanks to smarter every day for bringing me here. Now me and my daughter have this amazing memory to cherish and share with the world!

110 Just experienced the 2017 eclipse with this app and it was a tremendous help. It told me exactly when eclipse events would occur, what to look for, and when to take glasses off and put back on. Timings were perfect, so I didn't have to guess at them.

109 App worked flawlessly as designed. Was the perfect companion for today's viewing. One of the best $2 ever spent! Thanks.

108 This app was wonderful! We hooked it up to a speaker and the whole family was able to enjoy the cues. We loved it.

107 Amazingly helpful and accurate app to use!

106 Thanks for the great app. Made all the difference in allowing our family to thoroughly enjoy the eclipse I'm the Idaho mountains. We even got to see the shadow bands!

105 IT was spot on! Thank you!

104 This was the perfect app for seeing the eclipse. It was very accurate and thorough and very useful.

103 Absolutely fantastic. This app made ALL the difference in knowing exactly when/how long we would experience totality. The timing was absurdly spot on. Absolutely perfect. Also told us when to check for shadow bands, which we would have otherwise missed under the assumption that they were supposed to have been visible at an earlier time. Love this app. Don't know what I would have done without it.

102 This app is AWESOME!! Aside from the eclipse, this app was the second greatest thing to happen! Absolute marvel! Like having someone gently tap on shoulder through the whole event! Thank you so very much!

101 This app was so helpful. We were alone in desolated West NE. Just thanks!

100 This app was amazing. It made all the difference in my eclipse viewing! I wish I could give more than 5 stars. To everyone complaining about the app being "garbage" because you were not in totality. It says in like 10 different places that it's not that useful except in totality. I don't know what you were expecting. I wish it had a Google maps integration to help me find totality. Was kind of a pain to make sure I was in the totality band, but once O was this app worked great.

99 Worked great! Did exactly what it said it would, with impeccable timing on the call-outs. Really all this app needs is an updated UI and a price drop to a dollar, and it'd be perfect!

98 Worked perfectly, thank you!

97 This was a great app for viewing a solar eclipse. The app was less than a few seconds off when giving commands. I also liked that the app would tell you what to look for such as Shadow bands. Overall this app made my viewing experience more enjoyable.

96 Worked perfectly for the eclipse!

95 Times were spot on this afternoon. Thanks for the useful app.

94 Worked flawlessly

93 This was really great! It spoke and pointed out the things I need to observe at the right times.

92 For the 2017 solar eclipse, I was in the path of totality. While several events were happy around town, I opted to sit on my back porch. This app was perfect as it led me thru all phases with countdowns and observations. Wonderful experience made even better with this app. Thank you.

91 I used this for the 2017 eclipse with great results! This was accurate to the second as far as I could tell. Really helped me enjoy the eclipse with all the reminders and countdowns. Would definitely recommend for future eclipses

90 Worked flawlessly! Soon as it said 'shadow bands' I saw them. Thank you!

89 Used this in the path of totality for the 2017 Eclipse in the USA. WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!! The verbal cues were DEAD ON. The "eclipse prep" info was invaluable. Read the instructions, prep carefully, and enjoy the next one!

88 Worked fantastic for keeping track of the exact timing for the eclipse.

87 The timer was great! Took me through the eclipse and helped me pick a better spot for watching. Made the experience that much more fun!

86 Outstanding! My whole faimly counted down with this app.

85 Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to make this such a great app! It was instrumental in helping me call out different phases of the eclipse to all of my extended family that came over to view the U.S. Solar eclipse on 2017/08/21. I plan on using it again in 2024! FYI - I heard about you on Smarter Every Day's YouTube channel!

84 Loved it though I wonder if I will be able to garner any additional uses with upcoming lunar and solar eclipses. I would love to see further implementation of this app to other pursuits outside of 1 solitary eclipse :). Please let me know if this program still has a future

83 It made the experience much easier to enjoy safely and not miss anything. Very helpful..

82 Worked perfectly. Thanks for making the experience much better. We listened to the countdown as the sun vanished.

81 We were in totality for the Aug 21 eclipse and the app was extremely helpful. My mom was very concerned with time to take off and put on the glasses and the app made it so easy with telling us when. The time alerts were also very nice so we could get ready.

80 Really added to the excitement of our eclipse day. Enjoyed the countdowns and information!

79 This app was scary accurate. the moment it said observe changes in animal behavior all of the frogs and crickets started cherping. Also the moment it said observe shadow bands they appeared almost immediately. Amazing app 100 out of 10

78 The app was exactly on point with the timing of totality for me. Great way to get reminders while you focus on taking in the eclipse.

77 Awesome experience. Was in the path of totality, and the speaking aspect of the app was right on the money with the timing, and allowed for a much more improved experience. Worth the 2 bucks, also there's def some room for improvement with the UI.

76 Worked perfectly. Glad you made it and glad i bought it

75 Really added to the experience. I liked the alerts to look at the horizon for the reddish glow and to watch for shadow bands. I got to see some shadow bands and that was a big help.

74 Just used the app and it was awesome to have the vocal cues! It was spot on and it helped us out with the glasses off/on. So worth it! Hope it will be updated to the April 8, 2024 eclipse.

73 This was so helpful. It made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

72 Entirely was worth the $1.99 for me. Once you have it locate you via the coordinates, it tells tpu whether you are in the area of totality and gives you the advanced warnings and notifications as all the key moments happened. Was great to have notifications, including a countdown, prior to totality so we would know precisely when to expect it (and yell for others to come out and watch!). I hope this app is updated to accommodate future eclipses, but even if I had to pay $1.99 again, I would do it to have all the info and timer/countdown info that it provided.

71 This app was a gem for the eclipse! Just about everything I needed to get prepared so I could relax and feel excited about the event. Perhaps an integrated interactive map would have been helpful. Overall, I'm happy I paid for an app that was actually useful! Kudos to the developer!

70 If you followed the instructions, this app works WONDERFULLY. I was filming in a large group and this app sounded off exactly as I needed it to. The countdown to put glasses back on as totality ended was so precise, other people exclaimed. This DEFINITELY made the viewing experience safer. Follow the instructions!!!!

69 Had this hooked up to some loudspeakers and it really made our eclipse special.

68 Worked great for us! The spoken cues were very helpful. Well worth the cost

67 Fabulous! Worked perfectly for locating a viewing site and kept us alert for changes in a timely manner.

66 August 21, 2017, Columbia, SC. This app worked perfectly, audible notifications for events during the different phases of the solar eclipse. I will definitely be using this again in 2024.

65 What an awesome app. Worked prefect. Thank you very much

64 Works perfectly. Do not download any other app, this is the one you want. It audibly tells you what to look for, and when to look with countdowns, so you never have to look down at your phone. And its timing is dead on. Extremely helpful, and worth much more than the price you pay. Thanks, developer!

63 So glad I purchased this wonderful app for my eclipse experience! It worked flawlessly and was easy to use. Pretty much down to the second, every major event was narrated for us so that we didn't miss anything. We had a great time experiencing this once in a lifetime event. Thanks so much to the developers for the hard work on this app so that we could all have the best eclipse experience possible.

62 This app was spot on for the August 21 2017 eclipse in St. Clair, Missouri. Very impressed. Will be using it in the future. Heard about it through Smarter Every Day

61 This app is perfect to guide your viewing of the eclipse. Once you lock in your location, it will provide audio alerts of each stage of the eclipse. It also provided audio alerts for when to take off and put on protective eyewear. LOVE IT!! It helped to make our viewing event held at 3M7- Lafayette, TN on 08.21.2017 a success!

60 Perfect timing, clear instructions/commands like "glasses on" "glasses of" for novice.

59 I gotta say it was a great app pretty much on the money. It was off a bit on first contact but totality it was right on. Thanks for the app

58 The app helped me not burn my eyes out.

57 Great app put us right in the zone

56 Worked amazingly. Made the experience so much better. Like having an expert in your pocket. This paid for itself. Huge thanks for Smarter Everyday for recommending.

55 This was perfect. Such a great resource. Thank you for creating it.

54 Excellent! It walked me through each phase of the eclipse as it happened. Fantastic app and very effective. Well done!

53 Best few dollars I've ever spent on an app. Thank you so much for your hard work on this app, it made my family's eclipse experience so good. We were totally prepared for every step. 5 stars isn't enough.

52 Thanks for a great app! It really enhanced our eclipse experience without taking attention away from the event. Nicely done!

51 Worked as expected!

50 This app was so helpful. We loved the eclipse and having verbal cues was great. My entire family thanks you for making it!

49 This app worked perfect. Big thank you to the developer.

48 Worked perfectly! Very glad I bought I bought it. Was very helpful for Total Eclipse 2017 in Idaho!

47 Best app ever.

46 Edit: This app was flawless for the totality eclipse Everyone make sure to test this and provide feedback way before eclipse day so they have time to fix things

45 Perfectly on time. Put this full blast through my car during the eclipse at St. Clair in Missouri and a lot of people crowded around for the countdown timers and thanked me for having it. Pretty awesome app. Thanks!

44 Amazing App! Well worth it! Made our viewing experience unbelievable. It really helped with the kids and telling them when the different contacts were.

41 Hook the app up to my Bluetooth so everyone around me could hear the contact times and every single one was spot-on in Lexington South Carolina at the parking at walmart. Hope I live to see the next eclipse and I hope this app works for that one as well great job on it.

40 This app was great! It talked us through the different stages of the eclipse today. We saw the shadow bands before and after totality. It was incredible! - LaVergne TN

39 This app was the best! It alerted to the different phases of the eclipse! So glad I found it!

38 This app worked perfectly for the 2017 eclipse. 5 Stars. Only feedback is to improve the GUI for next time.

37 Tell you what! This app is absolutely on point! It was extremely accurate and very audible! Iwould love to post pics as examples of this year's eclipse! 5 STARS! I highly recommend this app!

36 Timing was spot on. Made it easier to enjoy the eclipse as I didn't need to worry about when to do what. I could just lie there and enjoy the eclipse.

35 THIS APP IS AMAZING!!!! It was spot on accurate from beginning to end!!! I was able to let others know when to watch for the different events and when to remove and replace their glasses!!! I HIGHLY recommend this app for those who will be in the line of totality for the 2024 Eclipse!!

34 Working great so far. Make sure to load gps location and read instructions if not working as expected Best money I have ever spent on an app. Worked perfectly. Awesome! Thank you so much!

33 Worked perfectly! It aided us in getting the whole experience of our first total eclipse!

32 Perfect! Does exactly what you need it to. Speaks audible alerts in sync with the eclipse. Also provides a practice run it used to the app.

31 This app made the eclipse so memorable. Thank you!!

30 Hooked my phone up to a loudspeaker for everyone in the park to hear. It worked flawlessly and helped us experience the wonder of the eclipse. Thank you!

29 We used this for the eclipse viewing in Clarksville Tennessee. It was perfect! Loved the timers and the voice talking so we could focus on viewing rather than checking the clock. It told us what to look for and my kids had a blast at eclipse 2017! Thank you so much for your time and effort in developing this app.

28 Amazing!! Thank you so much for putting this together. Everything worked perfectly. We even saw shadow bands!! Can't wait for 2024!

27 Great app. Made my family's eclipse viewing experience awesome.

26 Amazing! Really improved my eclipse viewing experience. Loved the audio queues to tell me what would be happening and when to put my glasses on. Can't recommend this app enough!!!

25 Worked perfectly! Really appreciated the hands free announcements. Thanks to Smarter Every Day for getting us here. Looking forward to 2024!

24 This app is perfect for the eclipse experience! A must have for the layman eclipse viewer. The timing was accurate and it told me what to look for during the eclipse.

23 This app was a remarkable companion for the eclipse. Worked great while providing a narrative of the event.

22 Just used this app for a total eclipse in Ten Mile TN. Timing is spot on and well worth the $1.99 price! Walks you step by step through the different stages of the eclipse and even tells you things to look for around the area you are in. If you are lucky enough to be in the path like I was spend the money and buy this app! It is well worth the price and I highly recommend this app.

21 Incredible app. Saw the shadow bands thanks to you. Thanks Destin from smarter everyday.

20 Nice work. Handy to have during eclipse. Well worth the $. Thanks for sharing.

19 Talks you through the eclipse even if you minimize the app. Amazing and perfect and calm walkthrough of the whole event!

18 Was an amazing and safe experience for all thanks to you!!! Epic experience!!

17 Timed it perfectly. WOW! Thanks for the experience.

17 Exactly what I needed. It is like turn by turn navigation for watching total solar eclipse.

16 These was only one thing this app needed to do and it did it perfectly. Tested during a full solar eclipse and was dead on

15 Great, worked for the eclipse. Told us when to look around for phenomenon. I did notice it was a little late to say when the shadow bands showed up and when temperature dropped, but it was very useful. Thank you so much for helping me have the best experience with the solar eclipse!

14 Great app, worked amazing and kept me informed, and most importantly kept my kids safe.

13 UX could be better. Worked -perfectly-, though. Thank you for the app!

12 It was so exciting with the countdowns! Ty!!!!!!

11 Worked like a charm. Really made the eclipse fun!

10 It worked great!

9 Absolutely fantastic app, for people informed and uninformed about the eclipse alike this app was incredibly helpful for this year's viewing

8 If you are in the path of totality this is a MUST HAVE. It is accurate to the second and walks you through all the stages of the eclipse. Totally worth the price

7 Loved it! Thanks for getting us excited leading up to the eclipse and was so easy to use during!! #weisereclipse2017

6 Did what it was supposed to amazingly. Granted this isn't something most people need every day, which is exactly why I needed it to work perfectly the first time. Awesome.

5 This worked great in Newport Oregon!

4 Freaking awesome!

3 Worked great!

2 Perfect timing! Thanks! Can wait to use it again in 1000 years!

1 This app is great it's talking to me letting me know when things are so I don't miss anything of the eclipse. Has contact times for my exact location

Apple App Store 5-Star Reviews

January 26, 2018

196 The best decision I masde during my eclipse trip was buying this app with audio instructions. The app proved to be very useful in directing when phases were hapening such as the time to observe shadow banding (which I undoubtedley would've missed without). This app aoding in providing one of the coolest moments in my lifw and I thank you for making it.

September 19, 2017

195 In the weeks leading up to the eclipse, I kept wondering how to get the most out of the experience. I came across Gordon Telepun's videos, which were super informative re: all of the eclipse phenomena. The selling point for the app was the timer feature, and also the audio announcements. Having the app on the day of the eclipse made all the difference for me! I felt like I didn't miss anything important. Given my desire to be all prepared, I appreciated the detailed list Gordon had for what to do with your phone and what to observe. I was prepared for shadow bands (we saw them in Anderson, SC on a white bedsheet). I played the practice eclipse video a few weeks beforehand, and that was a great orientation. One thing we found helpful was being able to check our location (we considered several different viewing spots) to see if we were on the center line of the path. It was easy to use the app to determine a spot for max totality; we didn't want to miss any precious seconds. People camped out in our viewing location were coming to me, asking things like "when is the 1st contact? When does totality begin?" I showed them the app for answers. I had my phone volume cranked up so the people around me could hear the audio announcements. (Note to self: bring a blue tooth speaker next time like other reviewers did:) When the eclipse ended, I took a few minutes to record my observations & impressions under the Eclipse Data tab. Kind of nice to have a synopsis of the experience with all the GPS and eclipse contact times automatically filled in for my location. Don't leave home for the next eclipse without this app!

September 5, 2017

194 For making a once in a lifetime experience that much more incredible. Your live guidance helped us make the most of the eclipse. It was a lifesaver, as we had our sun flirting in and out of cloud cover. The audio cues kept us on track, particularly during totality when seconds were so important. Again, I cannot thank you enough. If I could give 10 stars I would. I plan not only to recommend but evangelize your app as we roll upon the next American eclipse. See you in 2024!

September 2, 2017

193 Like many others, I saw the app and Dr Telepun with Destin on SED, and downloaded immediately. I didn't do a ton of advance work, but did familiarize myself with the functionality for thirty minutes and a few practice runs, and corrected the times for lunar limb profile at my location. I don't know how difficult that would be to integrate into the app, but allowing the calculation to occur as an option within the app would be nice -- although there are websites that do most of the heavy lifting on the calculation now anyway. On the day of the eclipse, I used a Bluetooth earbud to hear the vocal cues, and kept my eyes in the sky (and my kids). Great app, very accurate with the times once corrected -- which was very easy to do. Helpful verbal reminders, too. I found the app very easy to use, and sufficiently comprehensive if a bit utilitarian. But as an engineer, utilitarian is as much a complement as comprehensive is. You might not confuse the GUI for a pretty Apple produced piece of software, but it's every bit as functional as one. I was in Chile earlier this year -- and having an app like this at least makes me think about wanting to go back for the eclipse in 2019. Good work to the developer and team. Apps like this are the fantastic part about the smartphone world we live in.

August 31, 2017

192 Because of this app my wife, my daughter and I were able to see the shadow bands in Douglas Wyoming. Without it I'm absolutely certain I never would've experienced it. Can't wait until the one is released for 2024. I want to start scoping out potential viewing spots.

August 29, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

191 This app performed wonderfully during totality for the 8/21/2017 eclipse. We traveled to Metropolis, IL for this event. As an amateur astronomer for decades I was determined to use 1/2 of totality to image and the remaining 1/2 to enjoy with my naked eyes. I had practiced my plans along with the wonderful demo the program offers. While I had backup plans in case the app wasn't accurate at the actual eclipse, I was pleasantly surprised when first contact was announced perfectly on time. The audible cues are amazing. With a 10-second countdown to totality I rest assured that the app was working fine and I could focus on the eclipse. There's also a 10-second countdown to the maximum eclipse which was the cue I needed to stop taking images, replace my solar filter on my telescope and enjoy the remaining totality with my wife. Can't wait til 2024!

190 This app couldn't have been better. I am so so so glad I bought it. It was true to the claims-- timing of audio cues was spot on, app was easy to use, instructions were clear. Everyone around me was impressed. It especially helped because I was supervising elementary school age kids and it was obvious that the cues were safely guiding us through the phases of the eclipse. Awesome!!! Thank you for making this app. For the one in 2024, will we just update this app or will it be a separate one?

189 Having used this app for the August 21st Eclipse I have to say that it was great, it's timing was spot own and the voice feedback through my bluetooth speaker was a great help in my photographing and viewing the eclipse. I could not recommend it any higher, if you are planning to see a solar eclipse this is most assuredly a must have!

August 28, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

188 Well done. I drove from northern Michigan to see the eclipse. This app was spot on and I was the only in the area that had it. Well worth the $2. I put it on a Bluetooth speaker and it worked great. I'm will be using for the next one.

187 I got this because of Destin's video, planned a 6 hour drive to SC to view the eclipse in totality for a little over 2 minutes. It was amazing! We are planning our trip for 2024 already!

186 This app was fairly simple to get setup and accurate to the second on announcing all phases of the eclipse. Got many positive comments by people around me on how helpful the announcements were. Worth every penny. Looking forward to improvements and using this in 2024.

185 Saw this app with the creator on Smarter every day and downloaded it. This app was worth more than $2 to me. We had to leave town because of possible heavy clouds/rain, so we drove 4 hours to a different part of the toatlity line and did not have all the times. Was able to geo-locate with app and it worked flawlessly. I mean the count down and the instructions were on point to the second. My family and I are definitely "Umbraphiles" now. Thanks for helping us enjoy such a special event.

184 This application was great. The best two dollars I spent. It really helped our experience of watching the eclipse. Thanks so much for putting this together! Ok. First. You only need a timer if you're in the path of totality. And this is awesome! I'm totally pumped. I was estimating the timing. This is the best! Now I know exactly how much totality I'll experience and exactly when... critical information to know when you want to catch every second. Thanks so much for developing this app.

183 Thank you! I also purchased this app after wathing SmarterEveryDay - it was perfect! We followed the advice of in the NYT article as well to video our reactions - the narration of the app made our video that much better when rewatching it! So great for observing the eclipse with a crowd. Hope to use again in 2024!

August 27, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

182 App worked perfectly during eclipse in Madras OR. Seventeen of us at cousin's followed the guiding voice to "look for shadow bands", "look at horizon", "note animal behavior"' etc.

181 Everything was right on target! I wasn't as prepared for this event as I could have been; but, with this app I didn't miss anything. I hope it is available for 2024!

August 26, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

180 I flew to Jackson Wyoming so that I could view the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse from within the path of totality. This app performed perfectly. It provided all the information I needed while never distracting from the awesome experience of viewing the total eclipse of the sun. The app prompted me to look for shadow banding at the beginning and end of totality, which was amazing. The app prompted me to remove my eclipse glasses and gaze upon the coronal ring for two minutes and 18 seconds during totality, after which it prompted me with the command "glasses on, glasses on, glasses on". This app is comprehensive, easy to use, and it allowed me to enjoy the eclipse in a way I could not have done without it. Thank you for creating this perfect app, and contributing to the success of a once in a lifetime event.

179 Saw this on Smarter Every Day and decided to get it for watching the 2017 total eclipse in Fulton, MO. The audio alerts were accurate to the second - very impressive! I was glad to have it. Only cons were that I could not hear the audio alerts if the app was in the background, and the user interface is pretty busy. However, I figured it out pretty easily after re-watching the Smarter Every Day video and playing with the app. Overall, great app! Looking forward to using it again during the next total eclipse in April 2024!

178 Used this this past Monday. Easily calculated my position and verbally notified me of upcoming changes. Worked perfectly. Money well spent. Now what to do with it?

177 App kept me organized before and during eclipse... audio was the best... cannot blame app for botching the video... got so mesmerized and concentrated on stills that forgot to take filter off the video camera at totality....

176 Thank you for creating this. It worked perfectly and was loud enough for about 20 people around me to participate from Sumner County Tennessee

175 Greatly appreciated during totality of the 2017 eclipse. Delighted to have my eyes free for the duration. Thank you!

August 25, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

174 We used the app during the solar eclipse while in the path of totality. It worked wonderfully! The audio cues were very useful since it was so easy to get overwhelmed during the event. Highly recommended!

173 This was timed perfectly with what I was seeing in person. The app put my mind at ease trying to catch everything and really let me just take in the eclipse.

172 This guy isn't kidding when he says he knows what you need when watching an eclipse. It kept you informed about what was happening and made sure you weren't caught off balance.

171 I also used this app in the path of totality during the 2017 Great American eclipse. Worked to perfection. Timing was everything for taking great photos and this app delivered. Thank you so much for this great tool! Grateful.

170 Used this for the 2017 eclipse and it was great. Helped us experience many different aspects of the eclipse that I might have otherwise missed such as noticing the temperature change and observing for wildlife activity. I like the fact that the app spoke because it allowed me spending my time looking up rather than reading my screen. Great app and a very reasonable price.

August 24, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

169 Worked 100% as promised!

168 Thanks to Dustin and the Youtube channel "Smarter Every Day" we purchased the app and it talked us through the entire event. We would have totally missed the shadow bands if it weren't for the app.

167 App worked great!

166 I cannot emphasize enough how this app made our total eclipse experience perfect. What was extra special was that we were in a field where a lot of families and kids were observing and they too enjoyed and relied on our timing and info as the eclipse progressed. It linked to our exact spot very easily and continued to work without cell feed. That was very important because in the mountains, everyone lost cell data. Thank you so much for developing this app!!!

165 Worked like a champ for the August 21st eclipse. I was near Baker City OR and I was able to scout totality times all around the area to find just the right spot. During the eclipse the talking timer worked perfectly so I could focus on my cameras. Thank you to Gordon and team for creating such a helpful tool. Only issue I had was trying to use an external Bluetooth speaker. Once I disconnected from the speaker the audio played perfectly from the phone. (6 plus) Now I'm hooked on chasing the 2024 eclipse.

164 Sincere thanks to the creator of this wonderful app. It greatly increased our enjoyment of the 2017 eclipse (totality in Columbia, SC!). We learned of this app through "Smarter Every Day", and I'm so pleased that our family members all used it to track the eclipse stages. Hope to see the next US total eclipse in 2024!!!

163 Every one in my Eclipse watching group was seeing the eclipse for the first time. The announcements kept us on schedule and were fantastic for keeping us on track while we were all freaking out. I will never watch an eclipse without this app. I'm definitely going to update this for the next eclipse I go to.

162 I was in the middle of nowhere with no cell service and it worked perfectly. I saw 2 minutes 19 seconds of totality thanks to this app. Best experience ever!

161 The timing was spot on down to the second. My eclipse experience was definitely enhanced because of this app. Thank you!

160 Worked great for the eclipse. Loved the voice telling me what was about to come.

159 App was an excellent Companion for the solar eclipse, as it sends you notifications/alerts for phase changes and things to observe. Looking forward to using this again in 2024!

August 23, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

158 I was in the middle Lake Murray, SC on the day of the eclipse. This app allowed us to get the full experience of the total solar eclipse from shadow snakes (I throw 4 white towels on the front of my boat) to Bailey's Beads. This app was awesome at keeping you prepared for each stage of the eclipse.

157 I used this app with the 2017 Eclipse. It was amazingly useful and terrifying precise. I'm relatively certain that current lack of damage to my vision is a direct result of the vocal commands the app used to guide me through the full eclipse. (I may or may not have been freaking out with excitement while watching the world go dark at the time.) All in all, I'd rank this app 299,792,498 out of a possible 5 stars. (Also shout out to Destin of Smarter Every Day who directed my attention here. Keep up the great work everyone!)

156 i couldn't have developed a better app! flawless and hope it's available in 2024!!

155 Thanks so much for spending your precious time developing this app. It worked like a dream and got to enjoy the eclipse with narration. It was great of course.

154 App worked perfectly as advertised with an extremely high level of precision.

153 Everyone was so happy that I had this app during the eclipse. It was great for the kids to know not to look up after the end of totality. We even were warned to look for shadow bands, and we did see them!!! Thank you. I really hope this works in 2024. I will be ready for the next one.

152 Your app worked perfectly and made watching the eclipse (in Corvallis, OR) an enjoyable, safe experience. It made the timing of taking pictures a breeze! The only downside - when the app told us to put our glasses back on, it was absolutely correct - totality was over but we wanted it to last forever! Ah well, waiting for 2024!

151 Like most othes, found this through Smarter Every Day. Had the kids watching the app when they weren't looking at the event, and it sparked an awesome totality group countdown. So much fun! Know of others who had connected apps that didn't work due to server overloads. Not a problem for Solar Eclipse Timer! Thank you Angela and Gordon!!!

150 This was my first solar eclipse experience and, God willing, it will not be my last. It was easily the greatest natural phenomenon I have ever witnessed and I will always remember it. The Solar Eclipse Timer app did everything it was designed to do and it worked flawlessly. The location calculation was accurate as were eclipse phase timers based on the location calculation. It was an essential tool in helping us enjoy and capture an unforgettable experience.

149 I rarely write reviews, but I found this app to be so outstanding I feel compelled to spread the word. I am a professional photographer with a lot of astrophotography experience, but I've never photographed nor witnessed a solar eclipse. This app helped me rehearse my exposure plan for the Great American Eclipse of 2017, and was an absolute key to success for my eclipse photos (@paulgriffithphoto if you'd like to see them). Having the audible cues throughout the eclipse was like having a veteran umbraphile with us, which was absolutely priceless. I would suggest that the developer provide an easy way to load preset coordinates for contact times. Other than that, this app was an absolute treasure, and I send a sincere and deepest "thanks" to the developer!

148 This worked wonderfully for me. It made a great difference to the enjoyment of the short 2:09 period of totallity to know exactly how much time I had left and to be reminded of things to look out for. Learned about this App on Smarter Every Day. Thanks to Gordon for the great App and to Destin for publicising it.

147 This app was very helpful, thanks for creating such a useful app for the eclipse!

146 Used for the 2017 Great American Eclipse. Set up was simple, and the voice command was very helpful as it gave countdowns to each stages of the eclipse (although I kept checking the time in anticipation). Looking forward to using this again in 2024!

145 Worked perfectly for us. Even recalculated after we got to our site a few times. It was right on the money and everyone loved having a "guide"!

144 Saw this app on smartereveryday! I like how you can program practice times so you know how to use the app ahead of time. The count downs were great! I likes the audio coming out telling me what I should get ready to observe. In such a crazy time for a life time experience, the audio cues really help remind me what's going on. I really hope this app works in 2024. I'd gladly pay again to have this available in 7 years.

143 I'm so glad I got the app and watched all the video's.. it made the eclips viewing 100% better. viewing time was 2:37... and for my location I couldn't have asked for more!!

142 We used the app in Makanda, IL., where we had 2:40 of totality. Very helpful voice prompts, especially the prompts to look for shadow bands pre C2 and post C3. Thanks to the app we saw them both times. It was well worth the money!!

141 Used a Bluetooth speaker to blast the talking to everyone nearby and they were grateful for it. It was accurate down to the second. Couple things that could make it better. The ability to lock in the gps coordinates, closing and reopening made it forget them sometimes, and cellphone service was awful in Madras. Have it call out what % of the sun is covered. The UI is a little confusing as well but I managed to get it working.

August 22, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

140 Works great! Seems as if it will be perfect for my family. Question how do you make the times local? It won't work unless you have 4 times? Some of us aren't driving to total totality but want to use this app. Not sure you will see this! We got into the path of totality and I just wanted to say thank you for creating this app, it helped my family learn so much and see so much! And I just wanted to say thank you.

139 A friend suggested this app for the 2017 solar eclipse and I loved it. The notifications were perfect and helped me catch everything I wanted to see.

138 Used for Aug 2017 eclipse from Stapleton NE. Accurate to the second!

137 The app knew my exact GPS location, countdown timer worked fantastic and timer was accurate to the exact second. Definitely worth the money.

136 I was so grateful to have this during the eclipse. In a moment of awe having a voice say take of your glasses, watch for shadows, etc, was amazing. Thank you for this app, me and my family absolutely enjoyed having it during our amazing eclipse experience.

135 This app was perfect to use while I photographed. It's not intrusive but it gives you clear updates on when things will happen and what to be looking out for. Between this app and the developers' YouTube channel I was very prepared for today's eclipse and got some amazing photos. A lot of the negative reviews are honestly just people that didn't use the app right. For instance it DOES convert the times to your local time zone. The UI is a little basic and at times confusing, but as long as you spend a few minutes with it the day before the eclipse, it's easy to use. Easily the best $2 I've spent on an app, hope Dr. Telepun updates this for future eclipses, or puts out another app.

134 I loved this app. It kept me and those around me on track with what to look for and when. I would have missed out on a lot without it. Thank you!!!!

133 Installed based on suggestion by SmarterEveryDay, loved it, and got 2-5 other people to install it on eclipse day! Worked very well, the group of 15 or so people sharing my solar projector laughed and appreciated the voice warnings (I had the volume way up). And it was very accurate. As others mentioned, it was fairly easy to accidentally stop the verbal updates - I think it should be pretty easy to generate a testing script (for a computer tester, or a human tester) that simulates the use you might expect (timer app running in background while camera or text apps are being used) and work out the bugs so that the verbals are forced no matter what else is going on, but without stopping the other stuff (I'm thinking about programmatically timed multi- shots - those two things running side by side on the same phone would be ideal). If you publish the script and allow users to set up a dummy eclipse of their own (I think you have the demo already), the users can test apps and conflicts you won't be able to (given non-infinite time), and report back as to success/issues. Just a thought. Can't wait for the 2018 and 2024 calcs! Thank you!

132 Used this for the 2017 eclipse and it was spot on to the second. Great job!

131 Saw this app with the creator on Smarter every day and downloaded it. This app was worth more than $2 to me. We had to leave town because of possible heavy clouds/rain, so we drove 4 hours to a different part of the toatlity line and did not have all the times. Was able to geo-locate with app and it worked flawlessly. I mean the count down and the instructions were on point to the second. My family and I are definitely "Umbrafiles" now. Thanks for helping us enjoy such a special event.

130 This worked perfectly for the 2017 eclipse. Timing was spot on and kept you informed of each stage during the precious minutes of the eclipse without having to worry about manually setting timers or looking at a note sheet. So glad the developer planned functionality such that it didn't need cellular connectivity once downloaded. Interface could have been a little cleaner/clearer but functionality is 100% spot on. Looking forward to the next iteration for 2024.

129 We used this app in the path of totality, and it was spot on! Thank you for guiding us through an incredible event that we will never forget.

128 This app was perfect! I couldn't have video going or taking pics or we would miss updates for the eclipse, but we were warned about that. I was able to do a few test runs on different days, and the app even told us how much longer until the end of totality and yelled "glasses on!!!!" It was awesome. Great links included that I sent to friends for them to see how close they were to totality. My whole group relied on this app to tell us when the next thing was occurring and it didn't let us down. Thx to those who put so much effort into it. I can't imagine what it would've been like without it! Thanks so much from a Hopkinsville, KY resident!

127 This app worked perfectly for me on my iPhone on the day. Some friends downloaded it to their Android phone, too, with similar results. All are satisfied! This app is interactive with my phone's GPS, and perfectly calculated all phases of the eclipse, including start and finish, and mid-point of the eclipse. Thank you for such a great app!

126 The app was easy to set up & worked very well. The vocal prompts were just right. The timer portion, the most important aspect of this app, was very pleasantly correct for my location and I had an outstanding eclipse experience as a result! ... (p.s., I was on the centerline of 100% totality south of Salem,OR)

125 This was a great app to have running while the eclipse happened -- it had helpful explanations and reminders about what was happening, at *exactly* the right times. It even worked in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming with spotty cell coverage. Thanks to Destin from Smarter Every Day for the recommendation!

124 Due to clouds be drove hours west to find clear skies. The app worked perfectly and nailed the times. You can hear the app countdowns in my video and the eclipse cooperating to the second on cue. Since we did not know exactly where we were I used the app to show duration times as we drove north to the center line. When we reached 2:30 on the app we knew we were close enough. The voice prompts were invaluable since I was working 2 videos and a telescope mounted camera. Still had time to look up. Thanks so much !

123 Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Telepun for this app. We saw and video taped shadow bands because of the notifications. The app was really helpful having audible notifications throughout the eclipse. Thanks so much!!!

122 This review is written after the eclipse so it obviously doesn't do a lot of good now but I just wanted to give the developers a huge thank you. This app made my experience even more incredible. I actually saw shadow bands thanks to the app telling me when to look for them. The voiced alerts were timed perfectly down to the second. It worked flawlessly. So, thank you!! Thank you for taking the time and putting the hard work into this app and making my experience all the more amazing.

121 The timing was SPOT ON accurate, and it made the whole thing exciting with the voice and sound. My brother said it sounded like the end of the world lol. But my family loved it. I recorded the best video of the eclipse because of this app, and you can hear it talking in the videos too lol. Can't wait for 2024 eclipse with this app. Thank you Doctor for your hard work. "OBSERVE CHANGES IN ANIMAL BEHAVIOR"... "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GLASSES OFF" booooooop...

120 We used the app in Murphysboro, IL and it worked perfectly. Timing of the alerts were spot on with the eclipse phases. Used it with a Bluetooth speaker so my family and others in the general vicinity could also stay safe by hearing the verbal cues for glasses off/on. Looking forward to using it again in 2024 and well worth the $2. Saw your app in Destin's Smarter Every Day video and recommended the app to others before the eclipse.

119 We used the app to help us get into the path of totality and then we also used it to keep driving closer to the center of the path. We watched in McClellanville, South Carolina. Beautiful. We didn't see shadow bands but the other things to look that we received alerts for were spot on. Will this app update for 2024 or will it be a new app? I will probably have a new phone by then, but just checking. Thanks for your hard work to bring this to us and thanks to the Smarter Everyday youtube show for the recommendation!

118 Appreciate the hard work and thought that went into this app. We loved the eclipse and this app was very helpful. We took two four year olds and a six year old. It was perfect for keeping everyone on track. Thank you. We are looking forward to 2024!

117 I used this app for the 2017 eclipse, and it was worth paying for the version with voice dictation so I didn't have too be distracted from the event by constantly looking at my phone. It only used data for a moment when getting the GPS coordinates at my viewing location. After, it ran independently and was surprisingly precise to the second. The app uses military time for it's data. We brought a white foam board and did see the shadow bands. Don't use a bed sheet on lumpy grass like another observer did. The white surface needs to be flat. We also used binoculars to focus the sunlight onto the foam board to view the movement of the eclipse. I wish we had a telescope on a stand so we could hold it perfectly still. The kids loved it, and it helped to keep the little children (we has a 3yo and 5yo with us) from looking up at the sun. I wish that I knew that during totality that I should have photographed the total eclipse with my iPhone using the eclipse glasses as a filter. All I got with my iPhone was the sun in a dark sky. I hope I'll have the opportunity to view the eclipse again in 2024.

116 Not as cool as seeing a total eclipse but this is a great app.

115 This app's geolocation tool enabled my group to know each stage down to the SECOND. The voice notifications gave us ample time to prepare for each phase.

114 Worked perfectly and will be using for all future Totalities. UI could be better but still an A+ app. #TotalityorBust!

113 I was in the path of totality, and this app gave us all the major indicators verbally and flawlessly, down to the second. I hope this guy gets rich off of this app. It was the perfect thing for the occasion, no joke. Well worth the $2, and believe me, i hate buying apps.

112 The countdown timer is a vital feature for me. The demo mode works great to test before the big day of the eclipse. Highly recommended! UPDATE: Used this app the day of the eclipse and it worked PERFECTLY! My group of friends where thrilled to have the alerts during the phases of the eclipse to know what observations to make. My only nit to pick is that the interface could use some polish. For those who had difficulty with the app, a gentle reminder to read the manual: There's extensive built-in help. Yes, you have to be in the path of totality, or there's nothing to count down

111 This app did exactly what it was designed to do: give you an audio prompt for the sequence of events at your location in the path of totality. The timings were perfect, the information was clear, and the demo features showed you what to expect. Thank you for such a well designed app!

110 Used this app yesterday (8/21/17), and it worked perfectly. Made a great experience even greater.

108 Saw on Smarter Every Day

August 21, 2017 Reviews Below This Point

107 This app is so well done! With very little practice the app was easily navigated and was 100% accurate down to the second! It could not have worked better! Without this app, and the accuracy and time spent making it, my total eclipse viewing experience would not have been so amazing! Perfect!! Absolutely perfect! I shared this app with several of my friend and they all had nothing but good things to say about it! Thank you so much Dr. Telepun for your expertise and effort with this app and thanks to Destin for informing me about this app. You two alone made this experience something I will never forget!

106 I got this app after watching Smarter Every Day. I am so glad I did! After locking in my GPS coordinates, it took care of all of the alerts for me as well as the 20 or so people standing nearby as we were watching the eclipse. A couple of notes for the developer: 1) the timing seemed to be slow by about 2-3 seconds. Meaning that totality through my glasses seemed to begin about 2-3 seconds before the app announced it. I know my coordinates were good but I am also fully aware that the clock on my phone could have been off or that my own perception could have been off. In any case, I'd rather leave my glasses on for a couple of extra seconds than take them off and burn my eyes! 2) Man, it took me a while to figure out how to use the app. I saw the extensive read me file but it took a second watching of the Smarter Every Day video to figure out the "dummy" 2 step process. Maybe for 2024 the app could come with a quick how-to video. That explains the features and use. All in all a fantastic app that completely transformed my viewing experience and kept me informed about what was going on without requiring me to ever look away from the action! Well done, developer!

105 I heard of this app from watching "Smarter Everyday" on YouTube. We used it to view the eclipse in totality in Oregon and it was spot on in it suggested observations. Thank you for taking the time to create this app.

104 I saw the total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017 in Nashville, TN. This app had every even exactly correct down to the second. This app was worth every penny and perhaps the coolest app I've ever seen. I'm not one to write app reviews, but this one deserves top marks. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results!! The app enhanced our eclipse viewing experience. Highly recommend this app for future events!!!

103 Thank you! This worked perfectly! Allowed me to safely know when to look at totality, such an incredible experience.

102 So useful for watching during totality and completely accurate. I hope you'll update in 2024!

101 My thanks to Gordon for commissioning this app. Without it, I (and I'm sure many others) wouldn't have had a chance a keeping a level, focused head while trying their shot at photographing the eclipse. Everything worked spectacularly.

100 Money well spent. We were near the center of the path of totality and this was a nice supplement to keep us posted on the various stages of the event. If you're in the path of an eclipse, you want this!

99Worked exactly as intended and I hope we get support for this in 2024

98 This app proved essential to getting the most out of this eclipse, absolutely 100 percent worth the few bucks I paid for it, thank-you thank-you thank-you to the developers. 2 minutes of totality was absolutely incredible, and having voice commands through the experience was invaluable!! Can't wait for 2024!!

97 Nice having the timing done for you and to know what you should be looking for and when. Made our experience even better!

96 It worked like a charm. I think the interface could be made a little simpler for the next eclipse, but that's a minor complaint.

95 Great app! Helped me all the way through today's eclipse and the timer was within one second! Hope it's updated for the 2024 eclipse!

94 I practiced using this app while I was out this weekend so I would be ready. You included so much knowledge to read up on. During the eclipse the voice reminders were excellent. So sad we have to put it all away for the next 7 years!! What a gift to witness out my front door. Thank you for your time & effort!

93 I used this app today, and it was fantastic! Not only did it enhance our viewing experience, but also that of everyone around us as I was able to tell them exactly what was going on. We saw the shadow bands, knowing when to look for them thanks to this app. I will never forget this amazing event, and this app made it even more so!

92 We used our app during the Eclipse, and the notifications and countdowns were great. We were so happy I "splurged" and spent the $1.99, it was worth every penny and more! I will be recommending this app to anyone in the totality range for the 2024 eclipse!! Thank you for positively adding to an incredible experience!

91 In the totality path in Weldon Spring, MO and I turned the volume up high so everyone around could hear the alerts. We had a great (and safe) viewing. Looking forward to using whatever version of this exists in 2024!

90 Used this timer for seamless audio and visual guidance through the 2017 total eclipse. Worked beautifully and was easy to set up and use. Told us exactly when each stage of the eclipse was about to start and when to put on and take off our eclipse glasses. Accurately calculated the times for each stage based on our location. Very happy with this app!

89 Like it says on the description, this app is useful if you are in the path of the TOTAL eclipse. For that it was great, really liked the verbal instructions.

88 Can't get over how exact this app was. Timed down to the mili-second! Well done!

87 I really enjoyed using the app. The audio enhanced our eclipse experience. Well worth the money. We were able to locate the best spot for viewing.

86 Anyone that didn't give this a5 star review either wasn't anywhere near the eclipse or doesn't know how to use an app. It was wonderful and gave us second by second timing. An absolute wonderful app that made the event so special!!! Can't wait for 2024.

85 We used this for a group in north Georgia including 10 kids. It worked perfectly. Best $2 I ever spent. THANKS!!

84 Despite not having much on-going use, this was an excellent app for today's eclipse. Thanks!

83 Thanks Gordon. Helped us with the eclipse.

82 The UI could be a little more modern, but it works great. Enjoyed your interviews with Destin. Thanks!

81 Did exactly what it was supposed to do. The narrations were phenomenal. I can't wait for another chance to use it in 2024.

80 We bought this app after seeing it featured on a you tube video Smarter Every Day. This app guides you through each phase of the eclipse. And there is a ton of information in the app. We saw the diamond ring, shadow bands, Baily's beads and the total eclipse. This app also had a place for us to record the weather, the sky and our observations like the 360 sunset. It was an awesome experience and this app was priceless for us!

79 This app worked great! We were in Cleveland, TN in the path of totality. The timers and the voice alerts were exactly right on time. Thank you for this app! It improved our whole experience!

78 The eclipse would not have been as much of a success without this app. This kept us up to date on what to expect and when so we could stay safe and enjoy every second of totality!

77 Worked perfectly.

76 This timer worked great. I especially liked the voice guidance just before and during the eclipse. No one wants to waste valuable time looking at a clock/stopwatch. I recommend utilizing the test run feature the day before/morning of the eclipse so you know what to expect.

75 It timed everything perfectly and allowed us to really enjoy the eclipse without having to worry about timing.

74 Worked like a charm in western Oregon Totality. Easy to use and so precise on my iPhone6. The audio updates are essential and warns ahead of time. The cooling effect called out and we were noting drop. People who did not make the effort to get to Totality now regret it as 99.7% is completely different than 100%. Made me a believer and app is a thoughtful gem of great accuracy. Too bad it'll another 300 years before Oregon blinks out again.

73 We didn't get to totality point. But I bought this app to support the gentleman who wrote it. I feel that he did an excellent job. And thanks to Destin @ smarter every day on YouTube for bringing this app to our attention.

72 This app was an awesome part of our Eclipse experience. Kept everyone in the know without anyone having to check their phones and miss precious seconds of totality. The only thing I would add is a onscreen countdown to first and second contacts, that would have been fun to watch in the day leading up!

71 I had read articles prior to the eclipse stating that phone cameras wouldn't work well, so I didn't even try. If the app wasn't open, it alerted two minutes prior to an event to open the app. I kept it open during totality and it hit perfect on the count down to put glasses back on. Audio alerts only happen if the app is open, so no you can't use others apps during the eclipse.

71 Between the app and the companion documentation, the impact was much the same as having an experienced eclipse Sherpa/guide sitting with us through the prep and execution of photography for the eclipse today. The only other thing needed was clear skies in Souhern IL, which also came through. Many thanks for the huge effort and good will to help others needed to put this together. Will definitely consult with your material and app again if chance allow me to see the next one. Thanks!

70 Thanks, prompts allowed us to enjoy the show without having to look at the clock.

69 I am very happy that I was using Solar Eclipse Timer when I was viewing a total eclipse in Nebraska. The timer was right on down to the second. I wish all apps worked this good.

68 Worked exactly as advertised and was absolutely correct down to the second with its notifications and phases. Great app!

67 SUPER thankful for this app! I found it from Smarter Every Day on YouTube and it was every bit as good as it talked about. We were able to track the eclipse and get on time updates about each event as it about to happen. Really only need it if you're going to see a total eclipse but if you are then this is a must have in my opinion.

66 Got this for the 2017 eclipse and was blown away by the accuracy of this app. Totally worth the money as it tells you what to look and watch out for. Very dependable and only wish full solar eclipses were more prevalent. Bravo on this app!!!!

65 Really made the eclipse more enjoyable. The countdown timer added to the excitement and the times it calculated for our location was spot on! Well worth the $2 I paid for it. Thanks to the author.

64 Yes, this app is about the phases of the eclipse for totality. GREAT APP! It worked beatifully. This is the first app I have ever given a 5-Star reivew. In fact, I don't do reviews. :-) This app let me know "exactly" when the eclipse started, when entering totality, what to expect, etc ... The Help info was very thorough and extremely helpful. It allowed me to experience the eclipse that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

63 Told us exactly what to what for and when

62 Snagged this app after watching Doc talk on SmarterEveryday. What an amazing tool! I was standing in a parking lot in Soddy Daisy, TN, watching all the contacts perfectly. People around me started following my lead as no one else had a verbal timer. Watching a video of someone using the app first was very helpful as the UI is slightly opaque. However, the features are well worth it!! Thank you.

61 Great source of info, links to maps, and worked perfectly during the eclipse. So grateful I had this so that I was able to direct everyone around me. What a beautiful experience!

60 Timer was right on, even though I didn't have service still found my location. Was a huge help. Thank you Gordon and Destin for enhancing my experience!

59 The app worked perfectly and provided lots of fascinating and valuable info. Thanks to this app, we were able to experience "shadow snakes" that we might have missed otherwise! Very grateful to Gordon for his efforts and for "Smarter Every Day" YouTube channel for alerting us to this app. We can't wait for 2024!

58 I loved that we could do a test run. I love that we could calibrate in the different areas. It was wonderful knowing the exact times things are going to happen. Also thankful for the voice prompts!

57 Excellent app, worked perfectly during the total eclipse!

56 This app was amazing! We were in the path of totality. It worked wonders. Bravo!!!

55 This app was well worth the price. It was very accurate at my location and provided alerts for things to look for that I was not expecting. Thanks.

54 This app worked wonderfully for me! Thanks for helping improve my eclipse watch experience!

53 This app was awesome because I actually read the description and used it for its intended purpose. VERY helpful from c2 to c3 - my phone talking to me while I observed and snapped off a few pics was exactly what was needed to keep us focused on the event. 10/10, would buy again. I can see how someone might be upset having spent 2 bucks only to find out that this is not an actual teleportation app, though

52 This app performed flawlessly for the 2017 eclipse in Oregon. Definitely felt well-informed throughout the event. Thank you! Also, it is WELL worth traveling to the path of totality!

51 This app guides you step by step through C1-C4. You also get information about other phenomena that occurs during the eclipse! Just finished the eclipse - what a wealth of help this was! Told us what to look for and when to put on or take off our safety glasses! What a blessing this app was!!

50 I absolutely love this app! The eclipse was just over and this so helpful! People around me were so jealous but they enjoyed it too! I loved the countdown to each contact point and the information about being aware of animal behavior etc. I even loved the tone that sound announced totality etc. Thanks so much Dr. Telepun for you hard work and making this eclipse the best it could be!!

49 I used this for the August 21, 2017 eclipse and it was very helpful.

48 We used this app for the 2017 Great American Eclipse. The timer was spot on with everything. The voice commands are convenient so you're not constantly watching the app. Truly worth the purchase!

47 This was a great tool during the total eclipse, thank you!

46 This was the perfect app for the 2017 solar eclipse. It made the experience easier and more interesting. WELL worth the $1.99. We were in the path of totality, so it worked perfectly for us. Our viewing site was a few miles from cell coverage, so I was afraid it wouldn't work, but it did! I programmed the location before we lost coverage, and the counter and info proceeded, even without cell service. I connected my iPhone to a wireless speaker, and those around us were able to enjoy the tracking, too. Thank you for developing this app.. Hope for an update for 2024!!

45 Changed to 5 stars. Thank you so much for responding! AWESOME! 8-21-17 App worked PERFECTLY!!!

44 I could not have asked for better help with tracking the eclipse events. This app made the whole event even more spectacular for my whole family. We got to see the temperature drop a whole 11 degrees; the frogs and the crickets were croaking and chirping because they thought it was night; we were even lucky enough to see the shadow bands. It was the best $1.99 that I have ever spent. Thanks Gordon.

43 Loved it!

42 This app was so useful for cues of what to look for. Such a great investment to help make an amazing phenomenon even better. Thanks!

41 I'm so glad I got it for the 2017 eclipse! Look forward to using it again for the 2024 one

40 The app worked perfectly. We used Bluetooth speaker with iPhone and the voice notifications let us know what to expect in each phase of the eclipse. So glad I bought it.

39 Very accurate made the Eclipse viewing even more enjoyable

38 Thanks to this app we were able to observe all the cool things about the eclipse including shadow bands! Voice prompts excellent and exactly on time! Incredible app thank you!

37 Thank you so much for developing this app for us. It was the best $1.99 I've ever spent. The app made the experience even more special, almost "spooky", as the countdown begin. You are the best!

36 Great app and very easy to use. Thank you so much writing it. Made the viewing of the eclipse so much more fun. Saw everything when it told us too. Including the shadow bands and the change in wildlife. Very Cool!

35 This enhanced our experience today in Columbia SC. Thank you so much!!! Can't wait to use it again in 2024. Great work. Completely worth the money!

34 Update: worked perfectly. I look forward to the 2024 version for the next eclipse. Thank you Dr Telepun!

33 This app was just about spot on, it may have been a second or off. I would recommend this to anyone that has an interest. It gives you a heads up of what to look for, great help. Thanks Brandon from north of Nashville, TN 8-21-2017 total solar eclipse.

32 Thank you so much for creating this app!! It told us exactly what time each occurrence was happening and was exactly on point! A wonderful day at totality!!!

31 I drove from AL to middle TN (Lebanon) to get into the path of totality. We were at a big park with hundreds of people. I saw some others using the app as well. Very handy with the audio reminders while getting ready etc. well worth it. Hope it can be used in 7 years at the next USA eclipse.

30 Worth every penny, we really enjoyed this app, prepared us ahead for all the phenomena that accompanies a total solar eclipse to the second, made our once in a lifetime experience a treasure, Great Job!!

29 I just used this app for viewing the total eclipse on August 21, 2017. Following the instructions in the help file for phone settings, I was able to have a personal guide at my home to remind me what to look at and when. Perfect! You can even load practice times or even actual times 24 hours ahead to do a dry run.

28 Great job on the accuracy of the timers and tracking location for totality. It was spot on within the second of each phase. Thoroughly enjoyed having the app run during the experience. The voiceover although monotone at times was articulate and slow spoken to help announce each event.

27 Worked well in Jackson, WY. Even sent notices to Apple Watch when phone was off. It timed totality right on. Sorry I can't use it again until 2024.

26 Yes- it's only for if you are in the path of totality, but very helpful! Exactly right on with every countdown!

25 Well done! The timer was spot on to the second. We even got to see shadow bands! Well worth the couple bucks.

24 We used the app for a gathering in a small town in MO and it was very helpful. The auditory alerts were especially useful to remind us when and what to observe, as well as alerting us to put our safety glasses. Hoping it updates in 2024!

23 This app was so helpful in our eclipse experience. I would have missed so much without it. If you are still in the path, it will be worth your money.

22 Thank you so much for this app. We just used it for the 8-21-17 eclipse here in Nashville, and the app was fantastic(almost as spectacular as the eclipse)!! It let us know when to put on and take off glasses, and alerted to many features such as temp changes and lighting changes. We knew exactly what was coming because of this app. Anyone in the path of a total eclipse needs this app!!!!!!!!

21 We were in Mt Angel, OR and everything worked perfectly. We even got to see shadow bands about 15-30 sec after C3. I hooked up my phone to a Bluetooth speaker and we were all amazed. Easy to see why your so passionate about eclipses. Looking forward to what should be a very intensely photographed and videoed eclipse. Thanks again!!!!!

20 I used this app during the 2017 total eclipse in Tennessee, and it worked perfectly. The timings were incredibly accurate, down to the second. Audio callouts were perfect, it let me just watch the eclipse. The people here who gave it one star reviews seem to have not used it correctly, don't pay attention to them. I just made sure to have it set to local time, I was in the path of total eclipse, I had my notifications and sound all the way up, and it was perfect. Absolutely must have for future eclipses.

19 I was in path of totality an this app was amazing. If gave me push notifications of all the interesting optical phenomena to look for when they were supposed to be occurring! I got to see all the different events because of this and it really made the event stress free. Thanks!

18 I just finished watching the 2017 Eclipse. This app was awesome! It walked us through what we should observe--cooling temps, shadow bands, eye-protection on/off. If you spent the time/effort/$$$ to get to the totality zone, a couple bucks is a great deal. Suggestions to developers for 2024: A visual countdown to the next phase. I kept fielding "How long until..." questions.

17 Being in the path of totality, it was hard to gauge when to put on glasses and when to take them off. This app helped my family and I immensely and even the countdown worked perfectly.

16 This app made the once in a lifetime experience of watching an eclipse even more amazing! The timing was perfect! Thanks for helping my family experience God's handiwork!

15 We really enjoyed watching from Oregon. The app was fantastic. It nailed the timing to the second. We got to see everything happen. Thank you for your time and effort to build it.

14 Thank you. This was excellent help!

13 Absolutely amazing how accurate it was!!! Made my experience so much safer! It was nice to be able to countdown with my family and experience this phenomenon down to the second!!

12 We were in the path of totality it was nice to have the talking timer at the different stages and with reminders of what to look for. We saw the shadow bands! And it was nice to have the app remind us when to put glasses on and off. Well done Dr. Telepun!

11 Very well done. Easy to use.

10 We had family living in the path of totality, so we planned a trip to view the eclipse with them. This app was the perfect accompaniment. The location was perfect and the prompts made the experience even better!

9 Great app. I am loving getting updates every time there is something new to look for like temperature changes or eclipse phases.

8 We used it today and it was perfect. Highly recommended for those still in the eclipse path.

7 We used the app to watch the eclipse as we were in the totality path. My kids loved the announcements. It was exciting each time something came on. We saw the solar snakes. The kids knew when to take glasses on and off with the announcements. Thank you for spending your time on something so incredible!

6 This app was great. It worked perfectly. all the bad reviews are from people who didnt know how to use the demo mode properly. HIGHLY recommended (if you havent see it already)

5 Down to the second awesome! Everything timed perfectly. Enhanced my experience by a million.

4 I haven't tried anything, yet, but I have enough common sense to read a description before I buy something! It states clearly more than once tht U must be in the path of TOTALITY!! Don't get on here and whine about spending $2 due to ur own mistakes! I will rate at 5 stars due to having watched a very informative video-- if I feel otherwise I will write another review.*** This app is amazing! Working perfectly & I'm sure it will again in 2024.

3 People. Don't rate unless you're in the path! Be smart here. Currently in the center of path of totality in Kansas awaiting the big moment. Latitude and longitude entered immediately when you push the button that says "load my location!!!!" Thank you good doctor! Wicked cool!

2 Works exactly as advertised. Read the description to know what it does. Does not help you find the path of totality. Designed to use once you are already there. Very helpful app.

1 Great Time Anticipated!!!! Perfect spot for us! Morris Family cabin @ Center Hill Lake. Beautiful weather with early morning twinkling stars glimmering on distant lake water. App all set with ease. Thanks! A+ rating 5+star review..

Personal Emails to Foxwood Astronomy

29 Belated THANK YOU for the fabulous app you created for the eclipse! I just got off the phone with a friend who saw the eclipse in Missouri, and it reminded me that I never left a review for the app as I intended to do after the eclipse. I just went to the App Store to try to leave a review but for some reason It wouldn't let me leave a review. So instead I'm emailing you. In the weeks preceding the eclipse, my recurring thought was "I wonder how I can get the most out of this whole eclipse experience?" I was afraid I would miss something because I didn't know exactly what I should be paying attention to. After some searching I ran across your interviews on the smarter every day videos. I was so excited because I realized you were the person to coach us all through the eclipse, so we could enjoy it to the fullest. Just want you to know that the app worked perfectly, and it really allowed us to make the most of the experience. Is others have said on the reviews, I wouldn't have known about shadow bands at all without your information. And we did get to see shadow bands... on the big white bed sheet we knew to bring because of your advice! It sounds basic to someone who is familiar with eclipses, but I didn't have a good handle on all the phases of the eclipse until I learned about it from your videos and the app. I'm from Ohio, and I flew to Gainesville Florida to meet some relatives; then we drove to South Carolina into the path of totality. Your app was invaluable in helping us confirm that our location was in maximum totality. And as others have commented, having the "talking" feature on the app was so helpful because we knew what was about to happen at all the key points. I just wanted you to know the gratitude my relatives and I felt for your "labor of love" in creating this app. I feel like you blessed us and anyone who was wise enough to purchase your app! (Thank you for graciously keeping the price so low; truly the best $1.99 purchase I've ever made!). Our back yard is in the path of totality for the 2024 eclipse (though not max totality, so I'll be traveling somewhere!). With sincere appreciation,

28 First, let me thank you profusely for sharing your knowledge and passion of solar eclipses with us. Your app is absolutely amazing and performed fantastically! Now I have to start planning for future uses. In the chimney cam video below (your app gave me the idea, by the way), you can clearly hear the app running in the background so our guests could enjoy it also. But besides producing the app, thank you again, so very much, for taking the time to answer emails and enlighten me along the way. The confidence I obtained helped me to plan for a wonderful and inspirational event. One quick story – concerning the chimney cam – I planned on using a camera I purchased for my toy quadcopter and ordered a solar power turntable used for small model displays to rotate the camera. We were watching our 8 year old granddaughter when the package arrived, so I quickly had to show her how it was going to operate. As I turned on the desk lamp she watched in amazement as the turntable began to spin. Then she uttered something that stopped me in my tracks. She said, “but grandpa, when the sun goes behind the moon, won’t the turntable stop spinning?” It was truly a low point for my geek ego. Needless to say, I had to install a 1.5 v AA battery. Oh, the things we can learn from our children! Thank you again so very much for all you did to help so many of us safely enjoy the spectacle of The Great American Eclipse 2017!

27 Hello, First I’d like to thank you for building the Solar Eclipse Timer app. I learned about it from SmarterEveryDay. I used the practice sequence in the weeks before the eclipse, to practice the timing of my photography sequence, when to remove the solar filter, how long it would take to get the photos I wanted, and how long I’d have left, to look away from the gear and just bask in the eclipse. Thank you so much for the work you’ve put into developing it.

26 Thanks for making this great app. I left a 5-star review on Google Play Store, for perspective in my feedback below.

25 How did you do? I got everything I wanted! Thanks for your guidance!

24 Hi, I just found your app from a Facebook post - sad to say too late for the recent eclipse, which we viewed from Madras, Oregon.I had a few alarms set on my smartwatch for contact point times, but they were for the closest whole minute; programming an alarm to the closest second isn't an option. Thus I really like your app. Before I purchase, will the app work for future eclipses, e.g. Argentina in 2019 & 2020? Thank you!

23 Hello! Thank you again for the wonderful app! I managed to (accidentally) capture shadow bands during the 2017/08/21 eclipse. Are you (or Dustin) collecting links to these videos anywhere in particular? I'll be happy to share my clip if it'll help! Best Regards,

22 We loved your app! It worked very well. Also, you clearly put a lot of time into the documentation. I wish even half of Android programmers did that. Will in work for other eclipses, like Buenos Aires Argentina in 2019?

21 I'm writing to say thank you for the Solar Eclipse Timer -- it is an outstanding app! The spoken prompts and notifications (even on my Apple Watch!!) were incredibly helpful as we watched totality from South Carolina. No other app I downloaded on my iPhone even compared to this one. Keep up the good work!

20 First, I simply want to say thank you for the Solar Eclipse Timer app. Second, thank you also for sharing all of your inspiring information on Smarter Every Day. It really helped me to get my butt on gear in preparation for the eclipse. The app was essential to me, my wife, my sister and to my best friend. It enabled us to make the most out of our first eclipse experience. The spoken countdowns were a brilliant idea. Thanks again for all your work making your valuable knowledge available to everyone.

19 Thanks so much. It worked awesome. We saw everything including the shadow bands and now we are planning on seeing the next one in 2024 I think is when it is. Thanks so much.
18 Got onto your app a bit late. While in retrospective, I chanced on SmarterEveryDay and the piece on YouTube citing your work. I live in the path of 2024's event, and would enjoy knowing if your app will be compatible for this eclipse too? Thanks for the passionate work and the selfless sharing with people who appreciate your excitement. Best regards

17 Just want to let you know that your app worked perfectly in Casper WY. I had both my iPhone and iPad working (they were one second apart) and I was grateful for all the timed messages to help me through the eclipse. Both my wife and I choked up and shed tears when second contact hit. What an experience!! What are you going to do until 2024?? I hope I’m still upright by then. If so, I’ll definitely work hard to get to another total.

16 Hey there, I wanted to let you know that your app is absolutely FANTASTIC and I think I saved many people from going blind by letting them know when to put their glasses back on! Thanks again for your quick support earlier when I wasn't in the path of totality. Also - if I want to use this for future eclipses, in particular the 2024 one, or I want to recommend it to some friends in Europe for eclipses near there, how does that work? Thanks,

15 Your app worked very well !! I am very glad I found it and used it. THANK YOU !!! When does the 2024 app come out?

14 Thanks for the great eclipse timer. My wife and I were asked to host an eclipse event at the South Carolina national home office HQ of Trail Life USA, a faith based boys outdoor adventure organization. Over 200 attended from at least six states. I listened to the app through an earphone and simply yelled out the audio commands and listened to the screams of delight among the crowd. Our daughter had a filtered lens and caught some excellent photos. She even caught diamond ring and Bailey's Beads. Thanks for making us look like we knew what we were doing.

13 Spoke with you for about 15 minutes a few week ago regarding shooting footage
from my drone during the eclipse. Wanted to share with you a short video I put together of the experience. Speed the footage up to keep things moving. This was our first time for a total and had an amazing experience actually saw the shadow bands briefly.

12 Thanks again! I have to tell you this, I ended up going to North Seneca, SC instead of Gallatin, TN to watch totality because of a change in travel plans. Nonetheless, Eclipse viewing, especially totality was perfect! Your app synced perfectly with the eclipse and I am so thankful and grateful for it! I'm glad you sell the app for an affordable price, however in my opinion, it is worth its weight in gold for how well it times the events.
Also, around 30-20 seconds before totality, we saw shadow bands on a sidewalk! It was exactly how it's been described, and it was absolutely unbelievable to view that rare occurrence! Furthermore, the corona was stunning, and the contrast with the blackest black I've ever seen was so breathtaking! There are no words to describe the experience, as you know! I can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make that app, and teach others about eclipses. I have truly became an "umbraphile" as it's been called! Thank you again! Question, what Eclipse will be the next one you will make the timer for?

11 Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful app for a solar eclipe. I was with a group of at people near Idaho Falls, Idaho. We all found it extremely helpful and useful, and it's accuracy was incredible. This may be my last eclipse, (I wish I had been able to have this in 1979) but your app made it hugely enjoyable. Thanks again for sharing your astronomical dedication and excellence.

10 I hope you enjoyed yesterday as much as I did. Yesterday was our daughter's first day at daycare. I dropped her off at 8AM, came back to the home office to do a Podcast interview with a physician/author in Scotland, then hit the road and headed south. After crossing the border, the clouds thickened and it even started to rain. I was concerned but still kept driving. Finally, I made it to Santee, SC one hour before totality. I found a nice spot and activated your app. I just want to commend you on a job well done! The app worked perfectly (to the second)! It enhanced an incredibly moving experience that I will never forget. I'm also grateful for the break in the weather. During the eclipse, I could actually see lighting in the far off distance. You don't get any closer than that! Thank you for all the hard work and effort (I know) you put in to developing the app. Thanks again too for sharing your time and coming on our show! You certainly inspired me and (based on the huge number of downloads) our audience as well. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

9 Hello, I just wanted to tell you how amazed I was with your app yesterday for the solar eclipse. We were near Aquone, North Carolina and in the path of totality. Here’s a link. You’ll hear it in the background counting down in perfect timing. What a beautiful event and great app to help us enjoy it. I hope to use it (or your next generation) in 2024! Thank you,

8 I purchased it months and months ago and played with it over and over. It was handy because when I was at a friends house in Murfreesboro he said he was staying home for the eclipse. I pulled out the app and discovered his house WAS NOT in the path of totality so he drove 20 miles north and experienced 1 minute and 30 minutes of totality! So in my driveway you app told me I was going to have 2 minutes and 30 seconds and I was good with that. Your app worked perfectly and was accurate down to the millisecond. I had family and friends with us and they were also blown away by the accuracy and simplicity of the app. It made our Awesome experience.......AWESOMER!!! Although we experienced a cloud free totality it just was not long enough....thus the plans to go to Ohio in 2024 to get 4 minutes. I will use your app again for sure! Thank you for the best app I have ever purchased. See you in 2024!

7 But could you commission Neil deGrasse Tyson to record voiceover for this? It would be much better than the super-intense voice that the app had. Keep up the good work.

6 Dear Foxwood Astronomy, I've already left a glowing review on Google Play for the Solar Eclipse Timer app. It worked perfectly. I appreciated the talking alerts that were paired with the tonal alerts. It made it much easier to know what to do, and I needed all the help I could get as this was my first total eclipse experience.

5 Thank you for making such a great app! The audio prompts made the event worry free, I was able to relax and enjoy every minute without fear of missing any important aspects, and without constantly looking at my phone. I could enjoy the moment. As for the eclipse itself, by far the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Now I understand why you travel the world to see them. Thank you

4 We heard that the traffic was not bad, and we made an 11th hour dash to Morrison, TN and experienced 59 seconds of totality. The app was AWESOME. Thank you!

3. Hello, Dr. Telepun. I just wanted to say I truly appreciate the Solar Eclipse Timer app and the wealth of information you have posted on the website. Without these, I wouldn't have been able to take beautiful shots of Baily's Beads and the totality today. I am just a hobbyist photographer, and this was my first total eclipse experience. I'm so glad I came across your site through Alan Dyer's Facebook page. The app not only helped me plan in advance what settings I needed to use, we were able to see shadow bands right when it prompted! You made it extremely easy to change my camera settings, only needing to change the shutter speed. I was so flabbergasted with the totality that I was shaking and couldn't think straight. But I knew all I had to do was click my dial 3 times to the left, take a bracketed shot, rinse and repeat. I barely remember to set the shutter speed back to a fast setting to catch the next Baily's Beads/Diamond Ring, but the voice from the app reminded me to do so. I'm still going through the images, but I wanted to share the most beautiful images I have ever seen in my life.

2 I was in the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse (outside of St.Louis MO). The app was great and a big help with watching for certain events. We did see shadow bands!!

1 That was an incredible experience! I couldn't wait to tell you that we saw shadow bands!! We will be viewing our footage shortly.

YouTube User Comments

21 This app worked so well for me in Clemson, SC. and I got incredible pics to show for it. I paired my phone with a bluetooth speaker so that myself and everyone around me could hear it, and everyone loved it and thought it was helpful. I'll definitely be using this in 7 years for the 2024 eclipse. Thanks!

20 This is a fantastic app. Will the one I bought work in 7 years? If not then I hope you make one that does. The people around me were amazed at the timing of this app

19 Thank you for your reply! I hope you got great photos. I miraculously did get one good exposure of totality....though the clouds! Clouds came AT C2 LEFT AT C3!! UGH. Bracketing saved me. And photoshop levels/curves. :) Wonderful experience!! Family loved it too! Blessings. OH, YOUR APP WAS WONDERFUL! Hope it will be ready for 2024!

18 Just a quick thank you for all your advice. What a amazing experience. Here is a quick video documenting our experience.

17 Watched the video, multiple times. Bought the app and practiced, sometimes 3 or 4 times in a day. I ended up with wonderful images that I would have never captured without the Solar Eclipse Timer and lots of practice with it. I can't thank you enough.

16 Foxwood Astronomy I cannot thank you enough for this timer app. I never used it as I was making a video come totality but it helped during my final month of rehearsals so much that come actual totality I managed to do everything in your video cool, calm and collected as if it was second nature. And thanks to this I have some amazing stills and oncoming and outgoing totality videos too!

15 Thank you so much for making the solar timer app, as well as posting this video. I ran through my gear in real time prior to the eclipse, and had great results. This was my first time viewing totality, and it was incredible. Was able to be at 2:40 of totality and the time flew by! Got diamond ring, bailys beads, and saw shadow bands 2x in southern IL. One comment about the app audio announcements...I had my bluetooth speaker hooked up to the app so everyone in my group could hear the announcements, and sometimes the audio at the beginning of each announcement would get cut off. Perhaps include 1 second of blank audio before each announcement to avoid this in the future? Thanks so much for your passion and hard work.

14 the timer was spot on, I have a video with your timer counting down from 10 and when the alarm goes off the diamond ring appears. perfect ap

13 See my comment below. The app made all the different in the world. THANK YOU!

12 Foxwood Astronomy I heard crickets, enjoyed the temp and light decrease, saw Bailey's beads, observers the 360 sunrise, put gear down at max totality, and saw a beautiful corona!! No shadow bands. But I would never have known to look for them without this video . My friends and I used the app. I genuinely thank you for creating the app. It was invaluable to our first eclipse experience! For real, Thank you!!

11 Thank you for the app, it was integral to my experience yesterday. And thanks to Destin for this video, as I knew to look for so much more than the Sun's corona. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen and I will cherish the memory forever. Thanks again!

10 Your app worked great yesterday. Thanks!

9 Thank you for inventing the app! It worked perfectly for me yesterday in the path of totality in TN! It was really cool to hear you say when the first contact would be and then to look up with my glasses and see a little chip of the moon over the sun. It was spot on accurate. Thank you for making my first solar experience even cooler! God bless you and your work! -Anna

8 The eclipse in Hopkinsville was beyond words. I'm hooked and now I want to chase them! Thank you so much for this video. It is what guided me and prepped me for the event. I captured some fantastic images and can't wait for the 2024 eclipse that will occur in my own backyard!!

7 Congratulations Gordon. I've seen TONS of videos of people who used the app! And they're also calling out the stuff that happens during the eclipse! Destin

6 Foxwood Astronomy I used your so today and it was spot on! Thanks for the hard work. It's the only app I've ever bought and it didn't disappoint!

5 Foxwood Astronomy your eclipse timer worked wonderfully. Saw shadow bands, Bailey's beads, and diamond ring. Had a few people here and piped tour audio through a Bluetooth speaker and we knew what to look for and when glasses were safe to come off and when to put back on. Posted a video of still shots I took.

4 Your app worked perfectly and was only 2 seconds off. I am so glad I bought it.

3 Thank you so much for this video! Watching it and practicing with your app was so useful. Thanks to you I got some amazing photos of the eclipse today! Hope your viewing went well too!

2 Foxwood Astronomy loved the app!!!!

1 Foxwood Astronomy thanks to you and Destin we saw thw shadow bands and I got video of it also.

Cloudy Nights Astronomy Forum Testimonials; Thread Titled " I want to sing the praises of Solar Eclipse Timer"

1 The app was accurate to the second for my eclipse viewing. Now I wish that I had dared use my binoculars. The app gave plenty of advanced warning for third contact, but I was too chicken. Not that the naked eye view left anything to be desired

2 I agree! I used the app and braved both binocular and telescopic views, even sharing my equipment with the public that had collected around my setup. I also called contact times and mid eclipse for the crowd (even got a "thank you" from a NASA worker from Houston for helping observers to view the eclipse safely.) I also suggested the app to my daughter and a friend I met in Lexington, KY. My daughter observed the eclipse from MO, the other friend the KY/TN border. Both agreed the app helped them to see "all" of the eclipse phenomena.

3 Another 2-thumbs up! Our first total and it helped me manage the little bit of photography I was doing and still get us and our neighbors good time with two pair of binoculars. Much Thanks!

4 I parents are in their 80s and used it in my driveway in Missouri while I used it in Wyoming on a Bluetooth speaker which many people enjoyed. Can't wait to use it again in Chile!

5 I used it for photography and to help others in our tent get ready for totality. It was very helpful.
Maybe the greatest component was the 2 min simulator. While suffering kind chuckles from family, I did numerous practice runs with my gear such that I was able to spend most of my totality time looking up.
Big big thumbs up!

6 Agreed, that app worked wonderfully.

7 Another thumbs up from me. It was great to be able to hear the reminder of what/when to look for before during and after totality.

8 Great app - have to say I ignored glasses on at C3 so I could get 1 second of the diamond ring effect

9 Yeah, I wish I had seen C3 for a second, was using 9x bino and when the right edge of the sun/moon started to get brighter, I pulled away. At 68, I need all the eyesight I have left to still look at the stars! If I'm lucky enough to last till 2024, I want to see one more, I am now 2-3 totals and this one was the best!

10 I AGREE! Because of the app I was able to enjoy the Eclipse visually and also take my pictures! I enjoyed with binoculars, with filter and without. My binocular is a Canon 10x30 with image stabilization and it was absolutely BREATHTAKING, that corona was dancing! Pictures on my Astrobin below!

11 Another satisfied customer here!!! Worked very well, with coordinates of our back yard plugged in. Hope to be around to use it in 2024.

12 Agreed. The app helped me and my family not let the most important moments slip past! Worked great.

13 Not sure if it was the same one (not a smartphone owner),
but my eclipse viewing neighbor had his phone on speaker with a similar app (maybe same)...
Was very helpful to have an audio timer for me as well!

14 I'll add one further thing: I think I will forever have that's app's gong sound stuck in my head associated with the start of totality - if I hear something similar in future my heart is going to start racing like some Pavlovian eclipse dog.

15 Excellent app and videos. I used app to practice during the weeks before the eclipse date. Having less than 30 seconds of totality, the app announcements were really helpful. I was able to remove my solar filter at 30 seconds before C2 and capture the diamond ring.

16 I'll 17th that and say I was pretty impressed with the accuracy. I was leery of relying solely on one source for the timing, but it lined up with all the other online calculations (not surprising). During the transitions it was incredibly accurate and unlike so many things on my phone, the audible notifications were loud enough to be heard. Thanks!

17 I used it to good effect on my shoot. We had 5 cameras going, and about 8 people in our party. I setup a JBL Bluetooth speaker so I could hear the timings called out from my laptop station. I used it to help time when to pull filters, as well as calling out totality timings and max eclipse to our group. It was very accurate, and really enjoyed having it there on eclipse day.

18 I had it running on my iPad and was playing it thru my car stereo. When we had to make our mad dash to escape a large cloud just before totality I tossed the iPad in the back seat but left it running. I was driving 70 MPH down an access road along Hwy 13 east of Marion, IL and heard the countdown to totality just as my friend, hanging out my passenger window, yelled "There it is. It's coming out". I pulled over as soon as I could and we ended up seeing all but about 15 seconds of totality. So I missed second contact by about 15 seconds. We still had 2:10 or just shy of that.

19 I had it running on my phone, as soon as the clouds hit, my mind went completely blank however I had practiced with this app a lot leading up to the big day, once I got a bearing of what was going on (cloud wise) with the audible cues running on the background on my phone, I changed the camera to take a movie (I have very vague recollection on when I did that) and on the second camera where I intended to catch corona it needed to be set on a specific memory recall to start the bracketing sequence, which I kept banging away through the clouds in hope that it would clear up, it did eventually and I was able to get one set of exposures in 1EV increments from 1/4000 sec to 4 secs. The app's audio kept giving us the cues on when to take the filters off, glass off, time to totality, shadow bands, max eclipse etc. Very very pleased to have used this app to get what I was able to get. Thank you Dr. Gordon

20 Thanks a bunch, Gordon!

21 YES! Thank you so much for creating this app, Gordon; it made all the difference being able to set the phone down and rely on the voice prompts instead of watching the clock, with so much else happening! I've talked to others who felt the same. We appreciate the time you've put into this.

22 Just a note of thanks for the Eclipse Timer app Gordon. It worked great for our group so everyone knew what was coming next.

23 I'd also like to thank you for Solar Eclipse timer. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to capture totality. Here's what I've gotten.

Comments To The Solar Eclipse Timer Facebook Page

1.  Worked great for planning my photo sequence from centerline last year. Just got an alert for a new eclipse event today - I don't think the app understands what year it is!

2.  Thank you!! This was perfect and helped us make sure we were far enough into the zone to get a decent view of totality. It also totally helped us see the shadow bands! I had completely forgotten to look for them, and would have just stared at the sky the whole time, lol. Thank you for making this such an awesome experience for me and my family.

3.  What a great app! YOU were the hit of our impromptu viewing party near my home in Oregon. I had you connected to my bluetooth speakers and everyone was thrilled to have someone guide them through the experience. Especially when we DID observe the shadow bands right on cue! Unlike Natalie Hansen we did get multiple cues to put our glasses back on and I have video to prove it. Wish I could give you 6 stars! Best $1.99 I've spent at the app store.

4.  THANK YOU from Casper. Wyoming!! It did not tell us when to put the glasses back on so I didnt give it a 5 star. I did still have open? We live right here so just walked out front anf sat in lawn chairs. But having the locate on ensured the timing of notifications was spot on. With teens here it was important I could advise when it was time to pay attention. Awesome app!

5.  Amended up to a 5. Realized I was ao excited thru totality I had totally muted my phone. Operator error is not your your fault. Good job! I agree with the Oregon lady - so worth it!

6.  This was so cool!!! We used it a couple weeks before the eclipse. We drove south and found our perfect spot to watch the eclipse. We ended up in Fort Kaskaskia Park. We actually were out in the middle of the field, and it was absolutely fabulous for 2 1/2 minutes. This timer made it all possible!

7.  I can only comment on the app telling me my totality location and the wonderful voice prompts since I had only bought the app late the nite before I had no knowledge of the advanced features. This is why I am rating high not on the experience of a uneducated eclipse gazer but the thoughts ,for what little I surveyed of the program, of how much data could be at your finger tips with a little study. Boy do I wish I knew then what I know now. I had a life changing beautiful clear viewing of every stage in casebook perfection with the exception of my poor video iPhone ability. Thanks to you I was able to announce upcoming events to our empty ,but for 10 of us strangers , SC state park.

8.  I used this app during the 2017 total eclipse. I had several locations picked out a week before. Clouds rolled in from the west so we moved east along the center line for a clear location. Great vocal information as it happened. Looking forward to the 2024 total eclipse in this same area.

9.  We had a large crowd today and the timer worked beautifully. We had you on stereo and it made whole experience so exciting! Thank you guys for all your hard work. Everyone was amazed by the app. After putting in the GPS coordinates it worked perfectly. God bless you all

10.  Helped us view the Great American Somar Eclipse in Columbia, SC. The rabbi running the party was calling me an expert, but it was all because I had this app to guide me (I did tell him my "secret")! Thanks!!!

11.  Worked perfectly down to the second. Verbal cues were spot on. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Made our viewing experience perfect. Thank you!

12.  This app was so awesome! It worked perfectly and we were able to enjoy the total eclipse even more!
Thanks so much for creating it!

13.  Amazing. Took all the guesswork out of what to look for and when. We didn't miss a thing, thanks to this app talking us through the process.

14.  The timer was perfect.
It counted down to the exact second Totality happened.
It was amazing.
I highly recommend this app when viewing eclipses.

15.  We videod the shadow bands and got the diamond due to this app.. It was AMAZINGLY accurate to the second. Well worth it. Thank you from Salem Oregon !!

16.  Solar Eclipse app was awesome! We had a blast viewing and knowing just what to look for and when! Thanks!!!

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