Solar Eclipse Timer Privacy Policy

Foxwood Astronomy, LLC, has the following policies regarding collecting personal information about the users of the app Solar Eclipse Timer when they use the app to tome a solar eclipse
Owner/ Developer
Foxwood Astronomy, LLC ( )

1. Obtaining personal information
This app DOES NOT collect any personal information and will not require entering personal information to use it during a solar eclipse.
This app DOES NOT collect information about usage by the end user.
This app DOES NOT monitor user trends.
Since NO information is collected about the user, there is NO sharing of information with third parties.
This app DOES NOT use cookies of any type.

2. Location Services
The app will ask your permission to access location services only for the purpose of geolocation to provide the functions required by the app to calculate eclipse contact times.
The location services are only active while you are activily using the app.
The app DOES NOT keep location services active in the background when you are not using the app.
The app DOES NOT track your location.
The app DOES NOT automatically store your location.
The app DOES NOT share your location.
The app DOES NOT use external servers to do calculations based on your location.
The app DOES NOT access other areas of your device or services.

3. Advertisements
The app is completely advertisement free.

4. File Save Function for Eclipse Data
The file save function of the app saves the user generated file to the local device only. This information DOES NOT get shared to the cloud or other servers.