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The #1 App In 2017 For Timing The American Total Solar Eclipse!
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How To Time A Total Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse Timer was developed and designed to make it easy for anyone to have perfect timing for a solar eclipse. But the special thing about the app is that I will talk you through the eclipse.

You should watch the App Tutorial Video. You should Do A Device Sound Check when you first get the app and repeat the Device Sound Check on eclipse day. For the eclipse you are planning to observe, you need select it from the list on the Select An Eclipse To Time screen. This will load the eclipse data set into the app.

After you have done the above preliminary setup and you have arrived at your pre-determined eclipse observation site, you are ready to time the eclipse with me as your guide. It only takes Two Taps to be ready!
1 - Tap to Geolocate to get your position. (the app will calculate your 4 contact times and mid ecliopse)
2 - Tap to Load the Times into the Main Timer. That's it, the app is armed and I will guide you through the entire eclipse!

You will get system level notifications that will warn you to open the app when an eclipse event is about to occur. When these notifications occur, open the app, you will see that the app has continured to time the eclipse and you should prepare for the observation to be announced.

The app will do audible countdowns for 1st Contact (eclipse begins), 2nd Contact (totality begins), Max Eclipse (middle of totality), 3rd Contact (totality ends), 4th Contact (eclipse ends).

I emphasize enjoying other aspects of a total eclipse in addition to totality, so a unique feature of my app is reminding you to observe for what are called the Partial Phase Phenomena at the appropriate points in the eclipse. These are all of the interesting things that occur because the Moon is moving across the face of the Sun. There will be multiple reminders during the partial phases to observe for the change in temperature. You will be told when it is a good time to take pinhole projection pictures of the crescent Sun. There is a reminder to look at the effect of sharp and fuzzy shadows cast to the ground. Late in the partial phases of the eclipse, you will be told to look for changes in the behavior of animals. Very close to totality you will be reminded to concentrate on the wondeful and eerie change in ambient lighting around you. And finally, something that is my personal favorite, just before totality there are multiple reminders to look for shadow bands. And lastly, a reminder to look for the umbra approach.  A video that reviews the partial phase phenomena is located here.

Then TOTALITY will begin and my app tells you, based on that contact time, that it is safe to take your solar glasses off!

During totality, now that the sky is dark, I will guide you some more with a reminder to look for planets and stars. And right after max-eclipse, I will tell you to look at the horizon which will have the colors of a sunset 360 degrees around you.

Before 3rd contact occurs, I will remind you to get your solar glasses and at 3rd contact tell you to put them on. After 3rd contact, there is another opportunity to see shadow bands and I will announce that as well as a reminder to look for the umbra exit.

For photographers, there are a few other key announcements. Three minutes before totality there is a reminder to turn on video cameras that have to do with the eclipse, the site, and shadow bands. Just before the diamond ring, there is a reminder to be ready by putting your hands on your solar filters and then I remind them to remove them so you can image the diamond ring, Baily's Beads and chromosphere before the eclipse goes into totality. After 3rd contact, I remind you when to put your solar filters back on.  An eclipse photography coaching video is loacted here.

If you use my app you will not miss any part of this wonderful event. If you watch my YouTube videos you can be an eclipse expert and help your family and friends appreciate the eclipse. It is an event you will never forget and I am happy to have the chance to guide you through it and help you enjoy it.

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Featured In Sky and Telescope Magazine, 2002, 2003 and 2017!